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USA Today celebrates mental illness by proclaiming biological man to be “Woman of the Year”

USA Today celebrates mental illness by proclaiming biological man to be “Woman of the Year”

(Natural News) Fake news giant USA Today has announced its “Woman of the Year” for 2022, and that “woman” has (or did have at one time?) male genitalia.

“Rachel” Levine, born as Richard, currently gets paid by American taxpayers to hold the position of Assistant Secretary of Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under fake “president” Joe Biden. Before that, Levine was paid by taxpayers in the state of Pennsylvania to handle “public health.”

Now, Levine, an obese biological man who has long hair and dresses as a woman, is being celebrated by USA Today for being an ideal representation of what it means to be a woman in the United States today.

According to the fake news outlet, Levine holds a top spot among other “strong and resilient women who have been champions of change across the country, leading and inspiring as they promote and fight for equity, and give others a place to seek help and find hope.”

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Suzette Hackney, USA Today‘s deputy opinion editor and national columnist, interviewed Levine as part of a profile on the cabinet member. Hackney described Levine as “the nation’s highest-ranking openly transgender official.”

Beyond working as the assistant secretary of health, Levine also leads the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, which Hackney described as “a group of 6,000 uniformed public health officers.”

The HHS also bestowed honor on Levine as part of a panel entitled, “A Conversation with HHS Women Leaders to Celebrate Women’s History Month.”

The model American woman is apparently a man who cuts off his body parts and dresses in drag

This is the same Rachel Levine, by the way, who early last year declared that minor children, meaning babies, should be allowed to get a “sex change” without permission from their parents.

To Levine, cutting off natural body parts to try to become the opposite gender, or some mix of the only two genders that exist, is “transgender medicine” that all children and babies should have access to on demand.

For this and other “accomplishments” throughout “her” career, Levine is being praised by USA Today as a model specimen for what it means to be a modern American woman.

While much of USA Today‘s profile on Levine focused on the “doctor’s” career, influences and interests, Levine was also asked to provide advice for “transgender, nonconforming, or questioning people.”

To this, Levine responded with: “You have to be true to yourself and I think that you have to be who you are. You have tremendous worth just for who you are, no matter who you love, no matter who you are, no matter what your gender identity, sexual orientation or anything else, and to be true to that.”

Fake “vice president” Kamala Harris was also included in USA Today‘s “Women of the Year” list, though it remains unclear what this laughing hyena has actually accomplished to deserve being included.

On second thought, Harris belongs on such a list if it is dominated by the likes of an obese transgender mental case who claims to be an expert in “health.”

“Is it not surprising that these images of man and woman can be so manipulated in our culture when we have done that with other vital ideas that we took for granted for so long – life, marriage, truth, beauty, gender, love, motherhood, et al.? What else is left to overturn?” wrote someone at the Christian Post.

“In their zealous pursuit of radical feminism, activists defined their goal as ‘equality’ with men and the means of achieving that end as mimicking and imitating men in all their activities. (This, rather than recovering and sustaining true femininity while seeking fairness in employment and education, e.g.).”

More related news coverage about America’s adoration and worship for all things transgender can be found at

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