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Vaccine industry now running provocateur false flag ops with fake blood to generate headlines painting “anti-vaxxers” as violent terrorists

Vaccine industry now running provocateur false flag ops with fake blood to generate headlines painting “anti-vaxxers” as violent terrorists

(Natural News) Remember the Disneyland measles outbreak from a few years ago? According to numerous sources who analyzed the timing of events, that was a false flag operation run by the vaccine industry. They literally incubated measles tissue in low-tech labs then ran around Disneyland smearing measles materials on all the railings and surfaces in order to cause a pandemic. Meanwhile, California State Senator Richard Pan was openly bribed by Big Pharma to have SB 277 ready to roll out, calling for vaccine mandates in the aftermath of the Disneyland outbreak.

It was all staged. The infections were real, but it was caused by the vaccine industry in order to achieve a political purpose.

Now, the vaccine industry has pushed another false flag psyop in California, dropping a provocateur into an “anti-vax” protest with instructions for her to assault California lawmakers with fake blood. (It wasn’t actually blood, but the media never reports that.) This gave CNN and other pharma-controlled news networks the narrative they needed to paint all vaccine skeptics as violent nut jobs. In truth, it’s the vaccine industry that routinely commits violence against infants and children, causing millions of children to be brain damaged, made autistic, hospitalized or even killed in America.

As reports, a California woman has been arrested after throwing what she pretended was menstrual blood onto state senators in Sacramento:

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[A woman] was taken into custody after she tossed a menstrual cup, which she said was filled with blood, from the public gallery as senators finished taking a vote at about 5:14 p.m.

Notably, even Breitbart got the headline wrong, claiming the woman was arrested “for throwing menstrual blood” on Senators. But it wasn’t menstrual blood at all.

State Senators and the left-wing media took this opportunity to paint all “anti-vaxxers” as violent terrorists, in precisely the same way they paint all gun owners and Trump supporters as terrorists.

Here’s the thing: The woman apparently isn’t known by anyone who opposes vaccines… she was a plant, witnesses believe

We checked with our contacts in the vaccine truth movement in California, and no one has ever seen this woman before. She’s not part of any known vaccine truth group or movement, according to our sources.

She was spotted at the event, though, by observant vaccine skeptics who noted that something was wrong with the woman:

I saw her on Wednesday. She appeared high on drugs. Nobody knew who she was. She was mumbling and trying to agitate people. Hype people. She’s an AGENT. Provocateur government.

Although not yet proven, it is widely believed among vaccine truth advocates that this protester was likely a provocateur put there by the vaccine industry to carry out this false flag attack so that the media could paint all “anti-vaxxers” as lunatics.

Natural News has also learned that there are 2-3 other moles working to infiltrate the “anti-vaxxer” movement and stage similar acts of violence in order to discredit the movement.

It works for gun control, after all. Stage a few school shootings, kill a lot of real children and then claim all gun owners are violent people. Now, the vaccine industry is using the same tactic by staging assaults on legislators, then pointing the finger at vaccine skeptics.

It wasn’t real blood… the media is lying (as usual)

Natural News has learned that the “blood” used in the so-called attack wasn’t blood at all. But the media refuses to report that fact. And the so-called “feminine hygiene” object that was said to contain the blood was nothing more than a fruit cup, according to sources. In fact, the entire episode smacks of being staged for the cameras (and to push Big Pharma’s narrative).

Nothing you see in the media is real. It’s all staged. It’s all designed to push a narrative and demonize the opponents of the depopulation pushers who are actively using vaccines to cause widespread infertility and annihilate humankind. The vaccine agenda is an agenda of mass genocide and murder, but of course it’s all hiding behind a veil of “saving children,” even as vaccines destroy the lives of millions of children every year around the world.

Want to know the truth about the depopulation agenda that seeks to annihilate humanity through vaccines, pesticides, fluoride, geoengineering and terraforming? See the new website, which features video lectures revealing the truth about the agenda to annihilate humankind.

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