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Video: Black Georgia Voters Tell MSNBC Why They are Pro-Trump

Video: Black Georgia Voters Tell MSNBC Why They are Pro-Trump

The liberal media has been failing to reach those who are able to think for themselves it would seem.

President Trump visited Georgia on Friday for a ‘Black Voices for Trump’ fundraiser and, to their credit, MSNBC actually took the time to ask some of the attendees why they support our President.

Here’s Josh from Next News Network:

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Notice how articulate these two black people are and contrast it to the glaring stupidity that you hear spew from the mouths of typical Anti-Trumper thugs, black or white.

These people are looking at results and ignoring the mainstream Trump-hating narrative.

They are looking at the results in their own lives and hoping for four more years of the same.

Here’s more from 100% Fed Up:

President Trump is in Georgia today for a ‘Black Voices for Trump’ fundraiser in Buckhead. He’s reaching out to the black community and the black community is reaching back to support him.

One voter was interviewed by MSNBC ahead of President Trump’s visit to explain why she supports Trump in 2020.

Kaaryn Walker explains why she supports President Trump in 2020:

“He’s doing wonderful with the economy…with criminal justice reform.”

“He’s uplifting Black people.”

“What matters most is the policies that he produces and the results.”

Our favorite line from the interview:

“His tweets don’t get me out of debt. His policies do.”

Read the rest at 100 Percent Fed Up…


Black voters, who bother to open their eyes and minds, are starting to understand that it is DEMOCRAT policies that keep them enslaved and DEMOCRAT policies that enslaved them in the first place.

Things are not at all as they seem, and networks like MSNBC do not help.

Giving them credit for showing some truth on one occasion does not absolve them for years of propaganda and outright lies.

Still, even a broken clock is right twice a day and MSNBC deserves some credit for airing the truth on this one occasion.

The truth is that Black America is waking up and running like hell from the Democrat party that has kept them oppressed for decades.

Why are leftists so desperate to keep the border open?

Because minorities and immigrants, traditionally Democrat voters, that are already here are waking up to their deception and running the other way.

They are sick of hand outs and looking for a hand up.

Dean Garrison is the Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry

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