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(Video) Montana: CPS LGBTQ-Supporting, Anti-Christian Workers Kidnap Kids Because Parent Taught Christian Values

(Video) Montana: CPS LGBTQ-Supporting, Anti-Christian Workers Kidnap Kids Because Parent Taught Christian Values

I am not a proponent of Child Protective Services and a ton of stories coming from my friend Jim White at Northwest Liberty News, along with my own experience with CPS in my state, tend to make me believe that they have gone from an agency that was formed to cover for what the Church and the community should have been dealing with to a criminal organization that is engaged in kidnapping children for profit and child trafficking.

The latest story to come across my email is from the family of Keith and Raye Newmeyer. While I have had time to view some of the documentation and interviews, I have found it necessary to get their story out by way of an email provided by Cindy Cronce on their behalf.

In writing to numerous media outlets on behalf of Keith and Raye Newmeyer, Cindy Cronce provided a brief letter with an abundance of documentation demonstrating that CPS and the workers handling the Newmeyer’s case have engaged in unethical and even criminal behavior.

With her permission, I am posting her letter in full, along with links to all her documentation which you can view by clicking the links.

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To Whom it May Concern:

May this letter truly find you well as I urgently solicit your help in a matter of CPS bigotry and retaliation driven by extreme political views and bias against Keith and Raye Newmeyer. In order for my claims to hold any value, however, it’s pertinent to note the Newmeyers’ background as white conservative Christians before proceeding. Also, attached to this email, ample evidence is provided by the very words of CPS’ assigned caseworker, Gerry Hill, and his wife, Robyn Morrison, as well as a counselor named Kristin Best whose involvement was mandated by Gerry. Gerry, Robyn, and Kristin are LGBTQ activists who blatantly and openly rail against white conservatives and conservative mainline denominations. My evidence is collected and presented in such a way as to spare your time and allow quick referencing to substantiate my claims. “Pic” represents screenshots attached below.

In 2015, CPS removed the Newmeyers’ adopted Ukrainian children. Incidentally, the original caseworker deemed a goal of reunification as most appropriate in the matter. Strangely enough, however, Gerry Hill replaced this caseworker. Basically, sight unseen, Gerry determined permanent removal would be his new goal. Why such contrasting goals and attitudes between the original caseworker and Gerry Hill?

Delving into Gerry and Robyn’s radical political views and disdain for conservative Christianity certainly answers this question. Gerry and his wife, Robyn, stepped down as pastors from the United Methodist Church (UMC) due to backlash regarding their aggressive attempts to demand LGBTQ acceptance in the church.

As a matter of fact, Robyn’s blogs reveal her contempt for the conservative Christian church(

Evangelical Christians supporting Trump’s policies on illegals are deemed “anti-refugee” and “white nationalist Christian supremacists”.

The Newmeyers’ pastor can even attest to Gerry’s disrespect for the church.

Robyn goes on to describe white conservatives as authoritarian( White conservatives who support Trump are deemed violent, fascist, racist, xenophobic and Christian supremacists( enthralled with narcissism(

As a matter of fact, she wildly claims that Hitler’s support came from white Christian supremacists( On a positive note, she does realize that she has anger issues( All jokes aside, what makes Robyn most dangerous is her activist role within the community. After failing to impose their radical views on the UMC, Robyn and Gerry became actively engaged in the Church Within a Church Movement(CWACM) to press forward with their LGBTQ agenda.

Additionally, she involves herself with other leftist activists and events( As a matter of fact, she admits to attempting to promote an “expansive uprising” which caused “much resistance” and lead her to step down(

Most disturbing is the caliber of individuals Gerry DOES choose to lend his sympathies and time. One such individual is Matthew Hayes Hoffman who is presently part of the Family Treatment Corp overseen by Judge Reynolds. Gerry Hill happens to be Matthew’s caseworker. Matthew admitted to me that Gerry has bent over backward to help him retain custody of his son. Why is Gerry adamantly supporting an individual previously incarcerated for statutory rape and check forgery and currently enrolled in a drug treatment program( These facts should be easily verifiable for you.

Lastly, we have Kristin Best, who Gerry mandated to counsel the Newmeyers’ children even after they shared concerns over her background. Kristin is also a proud supporter of the LGBTQ movement(Pics H & I).

Her contempt for Trump and his followers is undeniably apparent. She describes Trump as a f*&%#r(Pic J),a POS with his penis atop his head(Pic M), sick f*&%(Pic K),pig and piece of garbage “with not enough nasty adjectives” to describe him(Pic N). He is also a b@#$%&d deserving hell(Pic O).

Kristin is also surprised that far-right extremists “don’t have cheetoh dust around their mouth”(Pic P).

According to her, Trump supporters are cold-hearted ogres(Pic Q)and sheep(Pics R & S) who either reside in caves or are delusional(Pic T).

White males feel threat when African Americans embrace their human rights(Pic U) and write history books through their white privilege point of view(Pic V).

“Hate, discrimination and violence” are increasingly describing Christian values(Pics W & X).

As if these statements aren’t enough, she appears to endorse “A civil war…fighting a small pop of fools and dummies”(Pic Y).

My suggestion is for Kristin to hide her views from the sight of young folk she may be counseling. Is this someone you would allow to counsel your children? Not exactly the calm, cool, and collected type we envision as counselors, is she? Kristin should have been mandated to seek intense therapy for the obvious rage toiling within, not counseling the Newmeyer children.

Obviously, Gerry, Robyn, and Kristin would never be permitted to serve as jurors on a case involving a white Christian male. So, shouldn’t Gerry and Kristin’s radical views exclude them from partaking of a CPS case involving such clients? Not only were they assigned to the case, but they had unlimited authority and decision making on the outcome.

CPS has proven to be an ineffective parent when one considers the present outcome of the eldest child who is now 18. She continues to reside in a group home with horrible English skills; thus, no gainful employment or higher learning opportunities will be afforded her. As far as the 12 yo boy, who reportedly cries out to return home, there is still time to intercede. Time is definitely of the essence and justice is long overdue!

As far as the allegations that led to this nightmare, you’ll see CPS’ blatant ineptness in handling the ordeal. During a church youth group meeting on the evening of October 7, 2015, the Newmeyer’s 14 yo adopted daughter claimed a fear of returning home without specifying any particular abuse. Only after police arrived did she allege specific abuse. The girl claimed her father, Keith Newmeyer, was “mean” and “hit” her; this was the extent of the allegations.

At this point, it’s worth noting that she described her mother, Raye Newmeyer, as “nice” to police only to later reference her as “mean” once a ward of the state. At any rate, because the church is a mandated reporter, it felt obliged to contact the police department. After questioning the Newmeyers and examining their daughter, the police found insufficient evidence to collaborate her story. At the conclusion of the incident, their daughter was permitted to return home, and the girl even assured police that she felt SAFE to do so. Sandee, a trained respite worker and church member witnessed this “sweet” girl transition to hateful and disrespectful once situated in her new life(Pics B1 & B2). Such personality issues needed consideration in this event.

On the following day, October 8, 2015, CPS visited the Newmeyers’ daughter at school without their knowledge. At the conclusion of the meeting, CPS then arranged to meet with Raye at their office. CPS’ concerns were obviously satisfied since the young girl was once again permitted to remain in the care of Keith and Raye. At the end of the kids’ school day, Raye picked up both children and returned home. Soon after, she took her daughter to her doctor appointment to receive a booster shot.

As we can see thus far, the police, CPS, and a physician had been in contact with the girl within 24 hours of the allegations. None of the mentioned parties showed alarm in relinquishing the child to her parents. Consequently, it wasn’t until that evening that CPS decided to remove the kids for a reason unrelated to any sort of abuse claim. Upon arriving home from the doctor appointment, the girl requested to walk down the road accompanied by her brother to visit the pastor at church. Once there, Raye’s daughter decided to once again provoke problems. This time, however, she REFRAINED from making any abuse claim whatsoever. Instead, she merely stated that she was “afraid of going home” with no elaboration as to her fear; she realized her previous admittance to police of feeling safe with her parents sabotaged her efforts.

CPS, therefore, took it upon themselves to envision her fear as connected to some looming danger as opposed to some mere occurrence of a lecture or grounding for something. CPS’ manufactured suspicion was void of any previously substantiated instance of abuse to support such a conclusion. Thus, they arrived at the church soon after Raye to demand the kids. They admitted the children’s removal was based merely on her daughter’s assertion of fear, not physical signs of abuse. How strange to so quickly embrace the girl’s claim of an “undefined” fear when obvious doubt existed regarding her allegation of actual abuse the previous day. Sadly, multiple placements over these past four years evidence the girl’s inability to stabilize and adapt to other families as well.

To further invalidate the daughter’s claims, we must shift our focus onto the relationship between the Newmeyers and their son. While assigned to the case from October to late February, the original caseworker allowed the family to visit at church. Reunification was a goal she found most appropriate in their case as well. Gerry Hill, however, IMMEDIATELY revoked visitation privileges when assigned to the case in late February. In the meantime, the boy eagerly chose to sit with the Newmeyers during service and join them for church meals while their daughter obviously opted out. The church witnessed the boy’s unwavering affection for them. As a matter of fact, the boy has repeatedly stated his desire to return home.

Chaplain Lowell Bartels is the founder and CEO of Farm in the Dell since 1982. Farm in the Dell consists of 12 group homes for mentally and physically disabled individuals servicing Kyrgyzstan and the USA ( ). Lowell has been an eyewitness and staunch advocate of the Newmeyers’ situation. His wealth of experience provides credible insight into their daughter’s behavior. Lowell explained to the courts that she demonstrated attachment disorder due to residing in an orphanage for years. He adamantly appealed to the judge, Governor Bullock, and DPHHS to admit her to Intermountain or Shodair. They responded by saying their counselors best served her; Kristin Best’s raging Twitter fits debunk this notion.

In order to regain custody of the children, CPS’ assigned therapist, Bernadette Miller, formed a very loosely devised plan of action.

She advised Keith to receive parental and trauma care education, continue working, engage in healthy relationships, manage stress, exercise, focus on self-care, “etc.” The lightness and generalness of the plan would never lead one to envision the recipient as a danger to children, would it? Sounds like a plan designed for the general public. Most problematic is the use of “etc.” which lacks a clear and precise objective allowing the potential for CPS abuse through inexhaustive requirements.

Bernadette also required Keith to “prove” he is a good parent despite losing custody of his children. In order to satisfy this request, she suggested helping needy children, volunteering at homeless shelters, supporting a needy family at Christmas, donating books, etc. Can you believe she even suggested Keith offer others parental advice when his own parental skills were obviously in question by her?

Further humiliating herself, Bernadette stated her support of Gerry Hill’s demand that Keith mountain bike up Mount Ascension and Mount Helena during our harsh winter to lose weight.

Apparently, weight determines one’s parental suitability although CPS has no defined weight policies in place. It’s worth mentioning our petition for Governor Bullock to accompany Keith on these mountain bike excursions at Change.Org(

Joking aside, how can a mere caseworker and therapist legally assume the role of a doctor by diagnosing and advising on health matters? Is there a lawyer in the house? Also, carefully read Bernadette’s hysterical response to Keith’s refusal to comply by saying, “I said, of course, he could, and he should. His eyes became big, his face red, and he was chewing his lips, thrusting his head.” Dr. Seuss ain’t got nothing on Bernadette; pardon me while I laugh uncontrollably. Besides poking at supposed weight issues and questioning parental abilities, CPS decided to harass the Newmeyers further by requiring even more psych assessments (Referenced in 1st several pages of E1).

To their dismay, Keith’s four additional evaluations along with his wife’s additional two verified their mental stability and classified them as low risks to abuse. Since Bernadette only lightly alludes to these evaluations and summarizes the results to her liking, we can send you the complete results upon request. Moreover, remember the Newmeyers’ approved home study to even adopt; physicals and psych assessments were required.

Consequently, even in the midst of such taunting and harassing, Bernadette stated that a goal of reunification was most appropriate.

So, why didn’t it take place?

Bullock’s bestowment of unharnessed authority and power on MT CPS makes him a dangerous presidential contender. MT placed second in child removals this year and number one in previous years. If Bullock is elected president, imagine the power to be wielded by CPS on a national scale. Our representatives discuss CPS’ abuse in the interviews below. An Interview with the Newmeyers is also included.

Thank You Graciously!

Cindy Cronce

Here’s a couple of interviews regarding what is going on.

More CPS…

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

h/t The Washington Standard

Tim Brown is an author and Editor at,, and He is husband to his “more precious than rubies” wife, father of 10 “mighty arrows”, jack of all trades, Christian and lover of liberty. He resides in the U.S. occupied Great State of South Carolina. . Follow Tim on Twitter. Also check him out on Gab, Minds, MeWe, Spreely, Mumbl It and Steemit
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