Video: MSNBC propagandist Lawrence O’Donnell suggests Trump’s father a Nazi sympathizer — On D-Day

Doing his bit to foment hate and possible violence, Trump-hating MSNBC propagandist Lawrence O’Donnell suggested that Donald Trump’s father was a Nazi sympathizer.  On D-Day, no less.

“Donald Trump’s vocabulary is and always has been the size of his mind. Which is to say very, very small,” he said, according to a transcript posted by Newsbusters.

“It takes a small man to produce the kind of angry and hateful tweets that Donald Trump does at all hours of the day and night, including from Air Force One, using government paid for telecommunications. And that small man is always limited to that very, very small vocabulary of his,” he added.

O’Donnell also went after Trump’s entire lineage, attacking his father and his grandfather, and suggested that Trump’s father was actually sympathetic to Adolf Hitler.

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“Donald Trump’s grandfather Frederick didn’t do his military service when he was living in Bavaria. After he obtained American citizenship he was ordered to leave the kingdom of Bavaria in 1905 or be deported, and unfortunately for history, he returned to the United States. Donald Trump’s father was 36 years old when World War II started in the United States. The United States participation started. All men up to age 45 had to register for the draft during World War II in this country. Plenty of men of Donald Trump’s father’s age and Donald Trump’s father’s situation served in World War II. But no one in Donald Trump’s family did that. That’s just not what they do. When Donald Trump was asked about this yesterday, he knew no sane person could believe his bone spurs story and so he simply stressed that he wasn’t a fan of the war because we weren’t fighting Hitler and Nazi Germany, an enemy that Donald Trump’s father chose not to fight. And, remember, that Donald Trump’s father was actually arrested at a Ku Klux Klan rally in New York City years before that so we don’t really know just how sympathetic to Hitler Donald Trump’s father might have been.”

Here’s video of O’Donnell’s hate-filled screed, courtesy of MRC:

Once upon a time I dubbed MSNBC the official network of insane liberal hate.  Incidents like this are the reason why…


Courtesy of Conservative Firing Line


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