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VIDEO: “My Teacher Kicked Me Out of Class for Saying There are Two Genders”

VIDEO: “My Teacher Kicked Me Out of Class for Saying There are Two Genders”

Watch this video while it is still there. We all know that YouTube will pull it down when at some point.

The video was posted on Reddit originally, in the sub-Reddit “Conservative” and pulled approximately 24 hours after being posted.

This just proves, once again, that on Reddit, there is nothing really safe for conservatives and…

…nothing from the left can really be questioned, without fear of the same fate as the below video.

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I do not know the details of removal, but I do know from experience that Reddit is a very liberal-dominated site and conservatives don’t tend to do very well there. I’ve never been able to post there without having my own material ripped down or ripped to shreds.

Here’s the video:

Here are some of the most recent comments from Reddit:

[–]notacreaticedrummerAyn Rand Conservative 979 points

The teacher claims at about 1:20 that he is quoting the “national school authority policy.” I can’t find this anywhere. I think he made it up.

[–]thebigmumaw 380 points

I did some googling myself and he definitely pulled it out of his ass. But whether it’s real or not does not change my mind that the UK is going in the shitter if they don’t pump the brakes here soon.

[–]BCGraffConstitutional Conservative 13 points

The UK is already in the shitter, ya’ll need to throw it in reverse and back out. Best wishes from Texas even though we’re in not much better shape than ya’ll.

[–]Tau234819922A Libertarian 102 points

They won’t come out until we save their asses for a third time.

[–]sand313manLibertarian Conservative 46 points

Why does the teacher sound British-Irish and the kid sound american.. haha. Just curious.

Also no.. he is not pulling it out his ass. Teachers are trained on these ‘inclusion’ policies. They are constantly briefed on it.

In fact I think the teacher agrees there are scientifically two genders. But to be fair to him, and this includes medical professionals also, you can get into shit sometimes, if you agree with the kid.

So now, the teacher has to sit and have an arguement against the kid, infront of the class, on something I don’t think he himself actually believes in. (Aka, he knows the science doesn’t back the spectrum. But he isn’t interested in getting trapped on the issue.)

He is kind of in hard place.

He even tells the kid to lodge a formal complaint. Haha.

The old man is just fucking fed up I think. Not just by the kid, but also with the policies his job depends on.

The truth is he answered back well, for someone who is screwed if he does or if he doesn’t.

Jordan Peterson, actually talked about professionals getting filled with discontent being forced to repeat and represent arguements, they may (or may not believe in)

Here is a selection of some of the recent comments on YouTube:

Upon watching the video, I immediately thought of an old Paul Joseph Watson article, that talked about the direction Facebook (and thus most all of social media) was taking.

This article excerpt is from 2014 and back then there were over 50 genders accepted on Facebook.

This kid needs to talk his parents into letting him have more screen time. His views are so old school. 😉

From PJW in 2014:

Facebook has bowed to pressure from LGBT activists by creating over 50 new custom gender options, meaning users can identify as things like “gender fluid,” “transmasculine” or “two spirit”.

Image: Facebook’s new gender options.

Leftist commentators are already hailing the decision, joyous that it will drive conservatives crazy.

“It screams of “political correctness gone mad,” writes the Guardian’s Paris Lees, “and I look forward to right-wing commentators telling us how absurd it is and how affronted they are by something that really isn’t a concern for anyone other than those it concerns.”

According to Lees, 56 different gender designations isn’t enough.

For sure 56 is not enough, I can think of at least 75 different genders just off the top of my head.

Can’t you?

What the Hell is wrong with these people?

Seriously, until someone can show me where it talks in The Bible about Cisgenders and Gender Fluids, I think my opinion is in agreement with this kid, who has somehow held on to enough brain cells to be smarter than his instructor.

Public schools suck.

The same thing is happening on this side of the pond, every single day.

Dean Garrison is the Publisher of DC Dirty Laundry and DC Clothesline

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