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Virginia Democrats Elect Their First Genocidal Jew-Hating Jihadi

Virginia Democrats Elect Their First Genocidal Jew-Hating Jihadi

Once again, Virginia is on the wrong side of history. During the last civil war, Virginia became a prominent part of the Confederate States of America when it joined the Confederacy during the American Civil War. In the new civil war, they again side with slavery and oppression.

More on Ibraheen Samirah.


How the Dems are mainstreaming the worst kinds of Jew-Hate.

March 1, 2019, By: Daniel Greenfield,

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While Virginia Democrats were debating whether to oust Governor Northam for wearing blackface, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax over alleged rape and Attorney General Mark Herring for also wearing blackface, a much more blatant example of contemporary bigotry by a Virginia Democrat had come to light.

It received virtually no coverage by the media.

Ibraheem Samirah, running in a special election for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates, had his social media history exposed. Aside from the usual rants about Israel, Samirah had posted that the Jews had stolen his grandfather’s land and “washed off as the Promised Land for Jews only (using the Torah and Zionist ideology, a 3000 yo religious book and a 100 yo Jew-only philosophy.)”

Samirah’s hatred for Israel wasn’t news. The Jordanian Muslim BDS activist had co-founded a chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace (a misnamed pro-terrorist hate group that is neither peaceful nor Jewish), had served as a spokesman for Students for Justice in Palestine, a hate group whose chapters had been involved in numerous anti-Semitic incidents ranging from hate speech to acts of violence, and had spoken at an American Muslims for Palestine conference: an organization accused of supporting Hamas.

But in his 2014 Facebook post, Ibraheem Samirah had trafficked in blatant anti-Semitism, attacking not only Israel, but Judaism and Jews. And had received a pass for his anti-Semitism from Virginia Dems.

Democrats stuck by Samirah and he won with 59% of the vote making him the second Muslim in the Virginia House of Delegates, beating out Gregg Nelson, an Air Force vet who had condemned Samirah’s anti-Semitism. “Racism has no place in our Commonwealth,” Nelson said.

Ibraheem Samirah and his fellow Democrats proved him wrong.

But there are even bigger problems with Samirah than an anti-Semitic post from 2014 whose hateful attacks on Jews and Jewish people he had dismissed in his ‘apology’ as merely “ill-chosen words”.

To understand the true nature of the anti-Semitism being mainstreamed by the Democrats, we have to go back to a field trip by a class of seventh and eighth grade girls in the spring of 1997.

The Island of Peace was territory that Israel had gifted to Jordan in a peace treaty. And that Jordan had agreed to lease back to Israel (before it broke that agreement last year).

On a warm spring day, the high school girls had come to see peace in action.

Instead they were gunned down by Ahmad Daqamseh: a Jordanian soldier wielding an M-16.

Seven Jewish teenage girls, 13 and 14 years old, were murdered in cold blood while they were looking at the bright flowers blooming on the formerly Israeli island.

The Muslim terrorist chased the girls as they ran and fired at their heads at close range.

“I saw a girl who was hit in the shoulder. She rolled over in the bushes and stopped breathing,” a 14-year-old survivor described.

While the deceased King Hussein’s publicity stunt of meeting with the families has eclipsed what followed, other Jordanian soldiers failed to stop him until he was no longer shooting. They assaulted one of the teachers and waited 40 minutes before letting Israeli ambulances in to care for the wounded girls.

The dead included Karen Cohen, 14, who couldn’t wait for her new baby sister to be born, Natali Alkalai, 13, who had enjoyed helping the elderly, Shiri Badayev, 14, who had escaped with her parents to Israel from Muslim Uzbekistan , Sivan Fathi, 13, who enjoyed playing basketball, Yala Meiri, 13, who lost her father to cancer and rescued stray dogs, and Adi Malka, 13, who had helped her deaf-mute parents communicate with the world.

Ahmad Daqamseh was sent to prison and became a hero and role model to millions of Jordanians.

His most vocal supporters were Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood. The Islamic Action Front, the local political branch of the Islamist movement, turned the murderer of 7 Jewish girls into a celebrity.

And when the murderer was released, the Brotherhood party declared, “We congratulate Jordan and the family of the hero Ahmad al Daqmaseh on his release from prison.”

The Muslim Brotherhood believes that murdering Jewish 13-year-old girls makes you a hero.

In 2017, Dima Tahboub, the spokeswoman for the Islamic Action Front, was asked about the movement’s support for murdering Jewish teenage girls.

“You’re a mother. And you’re quite happy to have 13 and 14 year old girls, just because they are Israelis, killed? Unprotected children, killed?”

“Because they are enemies, they are enemies,” she replied.

Another spokesman for the Islamic Action Front was Ibraheem Samirah’s father.

Sabri Samirah had chaired the Islamic Association for Palestine, a Hamas offshoot. The IAP had published material on its website cheering attacks on America before 9/11.

Sabri had come to the United States on a student visa before losing his legal status. After he left to visit his native Jordan, he was banned from returning in 2003 as a “security risk to the United States”.

Under Obama, he, along with other Islamists, was allowed to reenter the United States and took a leading role in Brotherhood groups while still running for public office in Jordan under a Muslim Brotherhood umbrella group.

During his time in Jordan, Al Jazeera described Sabri as a “leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan”. He had also been described as a spokesman for the Islamic Action Front.

Ibraheem Samirah had called his father as a role model who inspired his “Palestinian” activism. His own statements suggest that he identifies with the Muslim Brotherhood.

When Ibraheem was elected, Sabri appeared to post on his Facebook page that his son and Rep. Omar had been attacked over anti-Semitism and that the Democrats were trying to please their Jewish electoral base. During the race, Sabri had been highly active on social media in support of his son.

Anti-Semitism had won in Virginia.

While the media condemned Governor Northam for wearing blackface thirty-four years ago, it gave the anti-Semitism and radicalism of Virginia’s newest Democrat a pass.

In the nineties, a year before the Islamic of Peace massacre, the Islamic Action Front had sent a threat to the U.S. Embassy in Jordan over the detention of a Hamas figure.

“If you hand him over to the Jews, we will turn the ground upside down over your heads,” it warned.

“You will lament your dead just as we did to you in Lebanon in 1982 when we destroyed the Marine House with a boobytrapped car, and there are plenty of cars in our country. You also still remember the oil tanker with which we blew up your soldiers in Saudi Arabia.”

As Americans continue to lament our dead at the hands of Islamic terrorists, the son of the spokesperson for the Islamic Action Front has become an elected Democrat official in Virginia.


Courtesy of The Geller Report

Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), editor-in-chief of Geller Report and Amazon best selling author of the here FATWA: Hunted in America , The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.

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