War on Christianity: Over 200 dead after coordinated bombings detonate at 4 churches and 3 hotels on Easter Sunday

SRI LANKA (INTELLIHUB) — More than two hundred people have been killed after a series of explosions struck four churches and three hotels on Easter Sunday sending residents of the island country into a panic.

According to reports, eight blasts designed to send a message to the western world ripped through several towns in what appears to be a direct and coordinated attack on Christianity despite the fact that Christians make up less than 10% of the religious population in the region.

St. Anthony’s Shrine, the Kingsbury hotel, Shangri-La hotel, the Cinamon Grand hotel, another small hotel, and a private residence were among the targets.

Seven suspected actors have been arrested who are thought to be involved with the attacks which were likely carried out by suicide bombers wearing suicide vests, as the Associated Press reports.

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Images of the horrific aftermath reveal blood spatter on the ceilings and walls inside the St. Sebastian’s church and St. Anthony’s Shrine.

Bodies could be seen covered by white sheets after the attack at several locations.

Chunks of human flesh and blood…

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