Watch Al Sharpton BRUTALLY Heckled By PISSED Off Baltimore Locals

Could it be that Baltimore is waking up to the fact that they have been electing bad people?

Democrat policies have made Baltimore a rat-infested, crime-infested mess and Al Sharpton wasn’t exactly greeted with open arms on a recent visit.

Here’s more from Gary Franchi:

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Here’s the report from The Gateway Pundit:

Al Sharpton has been in Baltimore defending the record of Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings, but not all of the local residents are happy about it.

In fact, Sharpton was heckled by some angry locals this week.

The We Love Trump blog reports:

MUST WATCH: Al Sharpton Confronted & Heckled By Baltimore Residents

A must-watch video of Baltimore residents speaking out about their living conditions and how unsafe the city they’re living in is was posted onto Youtube a few days ago.

It showed several citizens of Baltimore, Rep. Elijah Cummings’ district, talking about how scary it is to live in the city, then showed Democrat anti-Trump Rev. Al Sharpton making an appearance condemning Trump’s criticism of Cummings and the city.

Several Baltimore residents were outraged over Sharpton’s audacity and forced him to face the facts by boldly shouting out to him statements like, “You go back to New York! You bring that s*** to New York! You ain’t do nothing for Baltimore! You a phony!” and “Our schools are failing us! Where are you when our schools are failing us? You’re just a hustler.”


Watch the video:

Read the rest at The Gateway Pundit…


Sharpton is a tool and Baltimore is slowly waking up.

Let’s not forget that it was Trump supporters who recently pitched in and started to clean up Baltimore.

The local paper even made that political:

Someone had to clean up the mess.

The Baltmore Sun said they did it to make Trump look good.

So what?

Did everyone else NOT do it to make themselves look bad?

Elijah Cummings is under a lot of fire since Trump painted a target on him:

However, Elijah Cummings is just the face of a city that has some serious problems:

It’s time for the good people of Baltimore to get serious about taking out the trash of both the human and non-human variety.

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