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Watch! Dan Bongino & Devin Nunes Team Up to Expose Obama Admin’s Illegal Surveillance of Political Enemies

Watch! Dan Bongino & Devin Nunes Team Up to Expose Obama Admin’s Illegal Surveillance of Political Enemies


From Mark Sidney at We Are Biased OPINION Blog

OPINION| Lawrence David| Terrific interview. U.S. Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) was the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee while the Obama intelligence apparatus plotted to destroy Donald Trump.

Dan Bongino, whose book ‘Spygate’ was among the first to layout the illicit spy scheme, is as well versed in the events that led up to Nunes’ discovery that the Obama administration had weaponized the intelligence community against American citizens.

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Rep. Nunes was interviewed by Mr. Bongino.

As a member of the Gang of Eight, Nunes was briefed on matters of national security.

It was Nunes who realized that the drivel he was being fed by Obama’s CIA chief, John Brennan and FBI Director James Comey didn’t square with each other.

It was Rep. Nunes who discovered the Obama administration’s extensive surveillance scheme targeting the Manchurian president’s political enemies, including Trump campaign members.

Nunes briefed President Trump about both the surveillance and unmasking that was taking in mid to late March 2017.

Under Nunes’ direction, the House Intelligence Committee began investigation.

The release of the IG Report earlier this month has proven everything Nunes alleged is true.

The report also exposed the then-ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, who saw all of the same evidence, as a bald-faced liar.

That ranking member was Adam Schiff.

Rep. Nunes gives credit to Mr. Bongino’s audience for sharing their findings on various social media platforms that helped them focus their investigation in areas they hadn’t themselves contemplated.

“There was a whole lot of spying going on”

Devin Nunes

This article originally appeared at We Are Biased OPINION Blog and was republished with permission.

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