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WATCH: Embalmer Richard Hirschman unpacks “engineered biostructure” clots found in fully vaccinated cadavers

WATCH: Embalmer Richard Hirschman unpacks “engineered biostructure” clots found in fully vaccinated cadavers

(Natural News) For the first time, clots inside dead bodies that were “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) have been extracted and analyzed, showing that the shots induce the creation of what Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, calls “engineered biostructures.”

A recent guest host on Infowars‘ “The Alex Jones Show,” the Health Ranger brought in equipment to conduct a live microscopy analysis on these clots – the first analysis of its kind to be presented to the public. The first part of that segment showing what the clots look like can be viewed at

The second part, which you can watch below, features a segment with embalmer Richard Hirschman, who provided the samples to the Health Ranger for analysis. Listen to what he has to say about them (starting around the 16:00 minute mark):

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The first part of this segment features commentary from the anonymous physician who is also heard in part one of the three-part show talking about the clots, how they form, what might possibly prevent them from killing a person, and more. Hirschman’s portion of the interview features additional imagery and commentary about other types of clots he pulled from fully jabbed cadavers, as well as how they are collected.

“When we embalm, we typically push fluid into an artery, and we force chemical formaldehyde into the body and allow the blood to drain out through a drain tube, and most of the time they just come out of the body without having to be pulled,” Hirschman explained, showing various vials full of the clots, which appear in all shapes, sizes and colors.

“But sometimes they start blocking the vessels and we have to put in some forceps in order to pull these out, in order to allow the blood to continue to flow out of the body so we can replace it.” (Related: The medical establishment has come up with new terminology to try to explain away the “sudden deaths” being triggered by these clots.)

“It’s not a hit and miss – I see it all the time,” says Hirschman about the clots

Early on after Operation Warp Speed was launched by the Trump administration, a few bodies here and there would show up with strange clots. Now, however, Hirschman says he is seeing it “all the time” and that it is no longer a “hit and miss” type of situation.

Hirschman has been doing embalming for more than 20 years, just to be clear. His medical apprenticeship was in process when the 9/11 terrorist attacks happened in New York City, and only recently has he seen this clotting phenomenon become a reality.

“I did notice a peak in blood clotting during the covid stuff, however after the vaccine rolled out,” the clots changed to a strange white fibrous material, Hirschman clarified to the Health Ranger.

“They almost look like a blood vessel itself,” Hirschman said about the unusual clot material that he is now seeing post-Operation Warp Speed. These strange and unusual clots are not blood clots, which is why the Health Ranger calls them engineered biostructures.

“If you use tools and you pull these apart, they are very, very strong kind of like rubber bands,” explained the Health Ranger about what he observed and felt upon deconstructing the clots.

“They don’t just fall apart and they’re not fragile,” he added. “They have tensile strength.”

Be sure to watch the full segment above to see for yourself what is being pulled out of fully jabbed cadavers.

More related news coverage about how Fauci Flu shots are causing engineered biostructures to form inside people’s bodies can be found at

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