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WATCH OUT – It’s a trick! Telling Americans they can “mask off” once vaccinated is a form of coercion designed to give governments CONTROL over your health

WATCH OUT – It’s a trick! Telling Americans they can “mask off” once vaccinated is a form of coercion designed to give governments CONTROL over your health

Natural News) Watch out, as the joker argues with the fool over your life and livelihood. Senator Rand Paul is “arguing” with Fraudulent Fauci over whether Americans should be able to remove the masks once they’re vaccinated, but it’s all a big trick. It’s coercion. It’s compelling Americans to act in an involuntary manner by use of threats that involve enforcing actions that violate the free will of a populace. The desired response is that you get vaccinated with mRNA, a dirty vaccine series that has the ability to SHUT DOWN your immune system. Your body, with the “flip of a switch” (DNA modification mechanisms), will no longer be able to fight off cancer or mutated, more virulent versions of Covid-19.

That’s the end game folks, as you see politicians and their evil cohorts fight like fake wrestling professionals, laughing behind closed doors as everyone “buys in” and gets their ticket for the next show. Only the theme of the show isn’t fake fighting in a ring for a gold-plated belt and Hollywood notoriety, but rather it’s depopulation by vaccination.

CDC data “suggests” vaccinated people do not carry Covid-19

Need we warn you of another trick? Smoke and mirrors folks. Can you guess which shell is the ball under? Care to wage your entire livelihood on the roulette wheel of health? It’s more like Russian roulette when you get jabbed with the Bill Gates inoculation series. This is the billionaire who hates Blacks and tries to eradicate them from Earth, then brags about it at conventions where his rich White elitist cohorts decide how much they want to invest in his genocidal Ponzi scheme.

Here’s Senator Rand Paul “clashing” with Fraudulent Fauci via social media. “You’ve been vaccinated and you parade around in two masks for show. You can’t get it again.” Then later, “Dr. Fauci, great news! T-cell immunity after natural infection shown to include variants. Do we still need to wear multiple masks after we’ve recovered or been vaccinated?”

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Senator Paul continues on his coercion rant at a hearing, “There’s virtually zero percent chance you’re going to get it and you’re telling people that have had the vaccine who have immunity — You’re defying everything we know about immunity by telling people to wear masks who have been vaccinated.”

The goal is to brainwash all Americans that the Covid-19 vaccine series actually works for immunity

You see, this is called catch and release. Paul tricks everyone by making the assumption first that the vaccine actually works, then makes his point about masks, but wait a second. This is psychology at work. The vaccines haven’t been proven to work at all, were rushed to market without proper (or any) clinical trials, and are being manufactured by convicted crooks and felons in the Big Pharma Ring. See, the goal is to brainwash all Americans that the vaccine actually works, and your only concern now is whether you still have to wear your stupid, worthless, brain-damaging mask everywhere you go.

This is why Faucci always flip-flops on his advice. It’s called cognitive dissonance. He gets Americans talking, a little disturbed, arguing, fussing over whether or not we need to social distance, mask up, stop hugging, close our businesses, and meanwhile, everyone gets injected with mRNA that can literally SHUT DOWN the human immune system entirely. It’s the perfect evil formula for world population reduction. That’s why Pfizer is marketing the vaccine to female preteens and teens. Can you see it now?

Don’t fall for the “vaccine equals mask off” trick

Use your common sense and judgment. Don’t fall for the mask charade. Your real choice to be made is whether or not to get injected with dirty vaccines made by criminals who want to control your immune system. Remember, the vaccine court has already shelled out over $4 billion in damages for people (including children, infants and babies in the womb) who have been maimed for life or killed by vaccines, including jabs made by the criminals selling the Covid-19 jabs now.

Rand Paul is right about one thing – there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. Now whether or not Mr. Paul knows that the mRNA jabs are lethal and planned for depopulation and sterilization is irrelevant, because they are.

Bottom line: Telling Americans they can take their mask off once vaccinated is coercion, as the dirty mRNA vaccine series sets you up as victim of an insidious depopulation scheme. Stay tuned to the frequency for updates on deaths from the Covid-19 vaccines. We’ve already crossed the 2,000 person threshold, and Americans are dying every day from the very “vehicle” they’ve been coerced into believing saves them.

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