Watch: Portland Antifa thugs attack, rob journalist as police reportedly do NOTHING

On Saturday, domestic terrorists with the violent Democrat-backed Antifa viciously attacked and robbed Quillette editor and journalist Andy Ngo in Portland, forcing him to go to the hospital.  According to Ngo, he was beaten on the face and head multiple times with fists and weapons during a protest the group called “Community Self-Defense Against Proud-Boy Attack.”

He also said the terrorist thugs stole his camera equipment and police apparently did nothing whatsoever to prevent or stop the assault.

On Friday, he expressed concern about going to the Portland event.

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Here’s one video of the vicious assault:

Ngo posted additional tweets showing the aftermath of the attack.

One post showed him in the emergency room:

And for those who think that Ngo was the target of a simple milkshake or two, think again.  The Portland police tweeted that some of the shakes “contained quick-drying cement.”

Earlier, Ngo reminded Twitter followers that Antifa isn’t exactly limited to “just” milkshakes:

Remember, THIS is the modern left.  In June, I opined that radical Democrats and their allies are deliberately pushing America to the brink of a second bloody civil war.  How much more proof do we need before something is done to stop this domestic terrorist group?

And remember:

Then consider this nugget of truth:

Says an awful lot.

Courtesy of Conservative Firing Line


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