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WATER WARS about to go kinetic in America as farmers targeted by “terrorist” state governments that are deliberately collapsing civilization

WATER WARS about to go kinetic in America as farmers targeted by “terrorist” state governments that are deliberately collapsing civilization

Natural News) As Mac Slavo writes at, “Farmers in the United States have reached a breaking point.” The governments of California and Oregon are deliberately depriving farmers access to the critical water resources they need to grow crops, even when those resources are readily available.

The problem isn’t “drought,” it turns out. That’s just the cover story to push a climate crisis that will eventually be invoked to justify “climate lockdowns.” The real problem is corrupt government.

In California, the corrupt, criminal government is emptying fresh water into the ocean, draining reservoirs that were nearly full just two to three years ago. And in Oregon, the government is refusing to release water from Upper Klamath Lake, depriving downstream farmers of water they own via long-established water rights.

These water restriction tactics are being deliberately weaponized as part of an engineered plan to destroy the U.S. food supply and bankrupt food producers. The water exists to irrigate crops, but that water is being withheld on purpose.

The destruction of farming is all part of the larger plan to destroy America and usher in global tyranny

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The farmers who depend on this water are seeing their livelihoods (and families) destroyed by these acts of government-sponsored terrorism against America’s food producers, so some farmers have decided to take matters into their own hands.

It looks like things are headed toward a standoff, much like the Bundy Ranch situation from a few years back (involving the Bureau of Land Management which also declared a kind of war against ranchers).

“The farmers are now in such a dire situation and with a food supply already on a razor’s edge of disaster, they say they will release the water themselves,” reports From that story:

“If [the Feds] don’t budge… I think we’re just going to end up taking it,” Nielsen said.

“I’m planning on getting DC’s attention,” another outraged farmer, Grant Knoll told Jefferson Publis Radio this month. “We’re going to turn on the water and have a standoff.”

The water wars, in other words, may be about to go kinetic.

Left-wing governments have become the terrorists, and they’re targeting humanity with multiple vectors of genocide

As I point out in today’s Situation Update podcast, this attack on farmers — and hence, food production in America — are part of a multi-layered strategy to achieve global depopulation via planned extermination. The vectors of this attack, all promoted by Marxist government entities, include:

  • Economic destitution achieved through “covid lockdowns.”
  • Injections of the public with biological weapons spike proteins under the guise of “mass vaccination.”
  • Attacks on the food and water supply to create food scarcity and famine.
  • Economic collapse via hyperinflation, money printing and the collapse of the global debt pyramid (“global reset”).
  • Psychological terrorism via the controlled media that assaults the psyche of Americans each day with an endless flood of fear and lies.
  • Big Tech assaults on the freedom to speak, working in collusion with communist China to obfuscate the origins of the coronavirus bioweapon.
  • Assaults on the culture via Critical Race Theory, indoctrination and the pushing of race-based hatred in the hopes of starting a race war in America.

The ultimate goal, of course, is the extermination of 85 – 90% of the current human population. I do not believe they will succeed in reaching those numbers, but there’s no doubt in my mind they will manage to mass murder at least a billion human beings in just the next few years. This will no doubt include tens of millions of Americans.

The oblivious masses think prepping is for crazy people, so they are totally unprepared (and will likely not survive)

To some extent, the ability of globalists to carry this out is helped because the masses are oblivious and they’ve been trained to mock preppers instead of learning how to prep. So they have no backup food stores, no skills for self-reliance, no ability to think for themselves and zero defenses against government entities that are weaponized against them.

Thus, there are likely billions of human beings alive right now that globalists see as “easy pickings” for genocide. Many of them will actually go along with it, as evidenced by how many Democrats are still walking around today wearing masks and bragging about their vaccine injections. Quite literally, billions of human beings have been convinced to inject themselves with deadly bioweapons while mindlessly chanting, “I believe in science.”

The vaccine zombie phenomenon has already begun and will only accelerate over the next year or so.

Today’s Situation Update provides full details on all this, including a few suggestions on how to survive the engineered culling of humanity that’s already under way.

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