Monday, February 26th, 2024

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We ALL Know Trump Won and NO ONE Will Do A Damn Thing About It

We ALL Know Trump Won and NO ONE Will Do A Damn Thing About It

The real world sucks sometimes.

Imagine being me and being blind and too helpless to even use my own websites to point out the obvious…

Trump beat Biden and even MOST Biden voters know it.

I was never totally blind but certainly too blind to work on the computer and raise hell the only way I know how, by writing.

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Now that I’ve regained my eyesight it’s time to raise hell.

Trump won and they think the American people are stupid.

We are not.

We know damn well who won in 2020.

This has been happening for awhile now.

I am of the belief that Trump got 60% of the vote against Hillary AND Biden but history will never reveal that incomprehensible travesty of justice.

Now that my eyes are fixed, I plan to raise hell.

And I need your help.

Two years without writing took a financial toll on my family.

That is behind me but not totally.

The financial disaster is real.

I’m just trying to start a new life in Nebraska for me and my children but any help would be appreciated.


You people know my heart and I know yours.

We can do this but I have to be able to feed my kids.

Donations, shares, reprints… whatever…

To win I have to make sure my family is taken care of and I will fight for America until my last breath in return.

Save the republic.

Let’s get ready to spit fire and show no mercy to those who oppose us.

The world is watching and laughing…

It’s our move.

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