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‘We are an uncomfortable truth’: Former triathlete in constant and extreme pain following COVID jab

‘We are an uncomfortable truth’: Former triathlete in constant and extreme pain following COVID jab

(Natural News) A former triathlete who was proud to get her COVID shots is now on disability due to systemic, debilitating pain she has had since her second jab that at times leaves her struggling to walk or think clearly.

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Suzanna Newell shared during Tuesday’s Real Not Rare rally on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court how her life has been completely disrupted by severe physical symptoms after her shots, including neurological issues she has described as “torture.” She called for the government, big pharma, and the medical community to be held accountable for vax injuries.

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“On April 13, I very enthusiastically took my second Pfizer shot, feeling both relief to be protected and pride for following the recommendation of the government and the CDC,” Newell began. “At that point, my whole life changed.”

Newell shared that before receiving the jabs, she “had no known underlying health conditions,” “only visited the doctor for routine annual exams,” and “lived a full and a healthy lifestyle” that included long-distance biking.

Now she is on disability, doctor visits are a constant feature of her life, and she has spent thousands of dollars and gone through “very painful tests,” with “very few answers” to show for it.

Her ongoing symptoms include extreme fatigue, joint pain, neck and spine pain, brain fog, tinnitus, a rash on her forehead, pulsating of her right pupil, and a periodic burning sensation in her right leg that compels her to sometimes use a wheelchair.

In her written speech, she noted, “Since I became injured, I have zero motivation or energy and am in a constant state of extreme fatigue. I struggle to retrieve words and to remember things. I can’t concentrate and focus, as my brain is in a constant fog that I am aimlessly wandering through. This is torture.”

“I constantly hear loud ringing in my ears. My once strong body constantly aches. I have no relief from the pain in my joints. I am intermittently dizzy, my vision is blurry, my right pupil is not dilating properly, my right leg has extreme burning pain. I also get muscle spasms and twitches, and I have internal vibrations.”

“Most doctors are overworked and unaware of vaccine injuries, so I have to fight to be believed and not written off as anxious. There isn’t even a code for vaccine-injured after one year. It’s like we don’t exist,” she went on.

“The government and big pharma and the medical community want to write us off as [having] functional neurological disorder, meaning it’s all in our head — made up — not by the vaccine but by our own anxiety. This is a convenient diagnosis designed to create doubt in the eyes of millions who got the vaccines and did not have side effects,” Newell said.

“We are an uncomfortable truth that vaccines cause severe life-altering injuries,” she continued.

“That’s why the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) exists, because people get injured from the vaccine. If the COVID vaccine is so safe, why isn’t it included in that program?”

Newell noted that the COVID shots are included, instead, in the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). The Health Resources & Services Administration website points out that “no COVID-19 vaccines currently meet” the criteria to be “covered by the VICP,” which include being “recommended for routine administration to children or pregnant women.”

According to Newell, the CICP “only pays out about eight percent of the time, very small amounts of money, and after three years.”

“I’m lucky I have a strong support system and a savings account to lean on. I’m concerned about the people who don’t. Shouldn’t the government, big pharma and the medical community be accountable to build a safety net for us? If indeed the vaccine is so safe, it shouldn’t be hard for them. It won’t cost them that much,” she continued.

Newell had noted that “corporate social responsibility,” which was her field of work, is “missing here today.”

“Why aren’t we allowed to have freedom of speech? Where is the mainstream press? We should have freedom to choose the vaccine or not.”

“It’s not a pandemic of the unvaccinated. It’s a pandemic of trauma, and it’s a pandemic of fear … We need to stop being afraid of each other, and start loving each other.”

Real Not Rare is a grassroots movement that seeks to raise awareness about adverse reactions to COVID shots, seeks acknowledgement by the media and the government of these risks, and advocates for better treatment of those injured by the shots, as well as for an end to COVID shot mandates.

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