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Weaponized DOJ fabricated claims of terrorism against Jan. 6th protesters, and is now being forced to back off its initial exaggerations

Weaponized DOJ fabricated claims of terrorism against Jan. 6th protesters, and is now being forced to back off its initial exaggerations

(Natural News) For Americans who hoped that the Justice Department and FBI, weaponized against citizens and the Trump administration by the tyrannical Barack Obama, would go back to normal and begin serving the people again after Joe Biden ascended to the White House can forget it.

They won’t. They haven’t. And frankly, they’re not going to.

After the Jan. 6 riot, the DoJ and its militant FBI wing took up the deep state Democrats’ cause and tried to claim that it was really an “insurrection” aimed at ‘toppling the U.S. government.’

Mind you, none of the rioters showed up armed or with an agenda to occupy the Capitol indefinitely and take lawmakers hostage.

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In fact, the only people who were armed that day were Capitol Police; the only person who died by gunfire was an unarmed female rioter shot by one of those officers — and gosh, there were no street marches, no looting, and no burning of businesses afterward.

But try as they may, the Biden DoJ just can’t make the ‘insurrection’ narrative stick, so now prosecutors are backing off their initial claims and will seek to charge people more accordingly.

Reuters reported:

Prosecutors made some serious claims after the deadly U.S. Capitol attack, saying they had evidence rioters planned to kill elected officials, suggesting a Virginia man at the building received directives to gas lawmakers, and accusing another suspect of directing mayhem on Jan. 6 with encrypted messages.

But the Justice Department has since acknowledged in court hearings that some of its evidence concerning the riot – carried out by a mob of supporters of former President Donald Trump to try to overturn his election loss – is less damning than it initially indicated.

That’s not all: The DoJ was also legally backhanded by U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta, a Barack Obama appointee, who threatened to place prosecutors under a gag order after the former lead prosecutor on the case, Michael Sherwin, said during an interview with CBS News’ “60 Minutes” that there was evidence some rioters could be charged with ‘sedition.’

Sedition, which is an incitement to rebel against the duly elected government, has not been levied against the 400-plus people who have been arrested thus far. (And how come the Feds haven’t arrested at least that many Antifa scumbags who were attacking a federal courthouse in Portland all last summer?) The most serious offenses to date are charges of assault, conspiracy and obstruction of Congress and/or law enforcement.

Still, prosecutors are trying to build cases and are in their early stages of doing so. Five people associated with the riot either died or were killed, one of whom was a Capitol Police officer who died sometime later. Three others died from conditions said to be unrelated to the protest.

But because the Justice Department is thoroughly politicized and corrupt, many of its cases are likely to be challenged in terms of just how credible they are, even as people accused of being ‘ringleaders’ are already seeking to have courts dismiss the most serious of charges.

“They are trying to build the most horrendous cases they can because the public wants it — and this is politicizing criminal justice,” said Gerald B. Lefcourt, “who for decades has represented high-profile defendants in political demonstrations, including Black Panther leaders and ‘Chicago Seven’ trial figure Abbie Hoffman,” Reuters added.

Obama’s DoJ, as well as Democrats, have made all kinds of accusations against Trump supporters, the vast majority of whom were in Washington to hear the president’s speech and had no part in the riot. Mostly, they are characterizing his supporters as being white supremacist neo-Nazi terrorists, none of which is true.

In fact, if anyone is guilty of plotting against the country as it was founded, it’s the Democratic Party.

Still, Biden’s minions will try to use the riot and subsequent prosecutions to persecute the legions of Americans who voted for Trump. And that’s when society will really begin to break down.

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