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LIBERAL MEDIA BLACKOUT: Chicago Hospital Had to Stop Accepting Patients as Weekend Shootings Left OVER 50 Dead or Injured

LIBERAL MEDIA BLACKOUT: Chicago Hospital Had to Stop Accepting Patients as Weekend Shootings Left OVER 50 Dead or Injured

Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, so this story doesn’t quite fit the agenda of the mainstream media…

…at least not like the two other shootings that were covered non-stop.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that 7 people were killed and 46 wounded in weekend shootings.

24 were shot in less than 4 hours on Sunday morning, in fact.

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How bad did it get?

Mt. Sinai Hospital had to stop accepting new patients.

Can you believe that?

Here’s more from CST:

A weekend of gun violence in Chicago left at least seven people dead and 46 others wounded.

The weekend began Friday evening as a 5-year-old boy was wounded by someone shooting out of the window of an Englewood home. Chicago police said the shooter was targeting someone he had just stabbed, but missed and struck the boy in the thigh.

Early Sunday, a single shooting at a block party wounded eight people — one of them fatally. Police shared audio of the gunfire that captured nearly a minute of nonstop shooting.

Shootings reached a peak Sunday morning, when 17 people were shot in three separate incidents in Lawndale over a span of two hours, forcing Mount Sinai Hospital to stop accepting new patients.

Read it all at The Chicago Sun Times


OK, before I go on I want to do some quick math.

7 people died and 46 were wounded. That’s a total of 53 victims.

How bad is crime in Chicago?

Chicago’s ABC 7 says the number was 59 shooting victims.

Can they not keep the numbers straight?

That’s probably tough to do when there are so many.

Maybe this video report came after the Sun Times report, I’m not certain.

Here’s a short statement from the Kaiser Health website:

Mount Sinai Hospital had to temporarily bypass new patients on the same weekend that two mass shootings rocked the nation. “You have to stop yourself and ask what will it take before we get a handle on what’s going on,” said Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson. “Not only in Chicago, but across the country.”

So again, why did these Chicago shootings not make the national news cycles?

It’s all politics folks.

Chicago is run by Democrats and liberal media does not like to shine light on liberal policy failures.

Read some more about Chicago gun violence and liberal policy failures:

Chicago should ideally be a model city that proves the value of liberal gun policies.

Instead it is an abject failure and proves the failure of liberal gun policies.

Highlighting this story would have hurt the liberal cause, so the National Media avoided it like the plague.

Whatever happened to reporting the news, regardless of politics?

Chicago residents understand what happens when you take away people’s means to defend themselves.

They sometimes end up dead.

Dean Garrison is the Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry

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