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“What Is A Woman?” film tackles easy question that transgender cult refuses to answer

“What Is A Woman?” film tackles easy question that transgender cult refuses to answer

(Natural News) Right-wing political commentator Matt Walsh has released a new documentary called, “What Is A Woman?” that addresses a simple question that modern Western culture can no longer answer.

Factually speaking, the answer is simple. In today’s feelings-based delusionary world, however, there is no longer one correct way to identify what it means to be a woman (or a man, for that matter).

Walsh never imagined himself having to ask this question, nor did he ever in his earlier years expect that American society would be all over the map in terms of providing an answer to it – but here we are.

A trailer for the film – you can watch it below – depicts Walsh asking various women and men who tried to make themselves look like women what a woman is. The answers and non-answers he received are disturbing but no longer surprising.

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“Hahahaha, uhh,” responded one group of nervously uncomfortable girls at a women’s march.

“If you are not here for women, we ask you to leave!” was another response from an obese female.

Native Africans laughed when asked by Walsh if a man can become a woman; indicate they never want to come to corrupt and evil America

Walsh also spoke with so-called “experts” on the subject, including Dr. Marci Bowers, a “gender reassignment” surgeon who told him that “there is not one particular thing” that “defines a woman.”

“It could be many things to many people,” said Dr. Michelle Forcier, a professor and pediatrician, about what a woman is.

One Gert Comfrey, who calls herself a “gender affirmation therapist,” told Walsh that “some women have penises, right, and some men have vaginas.”

None of these three apparent women, who call themselves “experts” on the subject, responded correctly to Walsh that a woman is a person with female biological anatomy, period.

The only person in the trailer, anyway, who answered the question correctly was an elderly man who owns a collectibles shop. When asked by Walsh how he knows he is a man, the guy responded simply by indicating that he has male genitals.

It seems silly to discuss the matter so crudely, but this is the depths to which American society has fallen. Grown adults with college degrees no longer understand natural biology and are insistent that it bends and sways based on feelings and delusions.

This is at the crux of “What Is A Woman?” which exposes the lunacy of today’s society. A simple question that even just a decade ago would have been easily answered the same way by everyone is suddenly now a “controversial” issue.

Walsh also visited an African tribe where he asked the same questions, only to receive laughter at how ridiculous they are.

“Can a man become a woman?” Walsh asked, to which the tribal men smiled and laughed because, no, a man cannot become a woman and they know it.

Meanwhile, back in the West, an obese man dressed as a woman with fake breasts told Walsh that “only women know what women are,” whatever that is supposed to mean.

“I’m not a woman so I can’t really answer that,” added Comfrey, who is clearly a woman, to the Western answer to Walsh’s question.

Prepare to be absolutely disgusted, should you choose to watch Walsh’s film, as you realize just how closely the United States now resembles Sodom and Gomorrah. And just like those two biblical cities, America’s days are numbered just the same.

“When things as fundamental and natural as this needs to be explained and documented, it is evidence how far society has gone down the path of insanity,” added a commenter at YouTube to the conversation.

More related news about the gender insanity of the West can be found at Gender.news.

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