Whats up with Drudge? Stories on cats, underwear changes, and UFO’s

Don’t get me wrong, I like a good UFO or cat video just like anyone else, but what’s up with the Drudgereport? I remember when stories like you see there were only found in the tabloids alongside pictures of two-headed goats. With the debunked Russian collusion hoax too embarrassing even for extreme liberals to write about, a large block of white space opened up on Drudge’s front page. What to do…”I know, let’s link to studies on how often men change their underwear!” I’m guessing with no palatable candidates on the Democrat stage, it is happening more frequently at the DNC.

That brings up another good point: there just aren’t many positive articles out there that will help get the Democrat clown car out of the ditch. With Sleepy Joe and Faucahontas fighting over the steering wheel, trying to run over Bernie, and Kamala and Cory screaming “RACIST!” out the windows, it’s not a pretty picture…not pretty enough to help Drudge advance the liberal narrative.

Could it be that Drudge’s more intellectually curious readers have fled to aggregate news sites like Whatfinger.com? It might explain Drudge’s carnival atmosphere. Got to keep the rubes gawking!

Nature abhors a vacuum, and with FOX News and Drudge joining other liberal organizations to unseat President Trump in 2020, conservatives are leaving in disgust. Hopefully, they will find a home where they can locate an aggregate site that offers the other side of the story on politics and world events.

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Meanwhile, if you want to know if your cat is an alien…


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