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Who Knew? Buttigieg is a Socialist Bernie Worshipper: Won Essay Contest in High School Defending Socialism and Hero Bernie Sanders

Who Knew? Buttigieg is a Socialist Bernie Worshipper: Won Essay Contest in High School Defending Socialism and Hero Bernie Sanders

Buttigieg and Sanders seem to be neck and neck in the race for 2nd place.

Funny how we now have two major parties: Republicans and Socialist Democrats.

They need to just call themselves socialists and get the truth out.

Well evidently Pete Buttigieg has felt the Bern for a long time and now they have dug up some stuff from his High School days.

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(Note: Bernie was already old back then)

Here’s more from Jim Hoft:

Young Pete Buttigieg won an essay contest in 2000 as a high schooler from the Kennedy Library.

In his essay Pete Buttigieg in 2000 praises Bernie Sanders and his unapologetic stand for socialism.
You just can’t make this stuff up.

From the essay.

Fortunately for the political process, there remain a number of committed individuals who are steadfast enough in their beliefs to run for office to benefit their fellow Americans. Such people are willing to eschew political and personal comfort and convenience because they believe they can make a difference. One outstanding and inspiring example of such integrity is the country’s only Independent Congressman, Vermont’s Bernie Sanders.

Sanders’ courage is evident in the first word he uses to describe himself: “Socialist”. In a country where Communism is still the dirtiest of ideological dirty words, in a climate where even liberalism is considered radical, and Socialism is immediately and perhaps willfully confused with Communism, a politician dares to call himself a socialist? He does indeed. Here is someone who has “looked into his own soul” and expressed an ideology, the endorsement of which, in today’s political atmosphere, is analogous to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Even though he has lived through a time in which an admitted socialist could not act in a film, let alone hold a Congressional seat, Sanders is not afraid to be candid about his political persuasion.

After numerous political defeats in his traditionally Republican state, Sanders won the office of mayor of Burlington by ten votes. A successful and popular mayor, he went on to win Vermont’s one Congressional seat in 1990. Since then, he has taken many courageous and politically risky stands on issues facing the nation. He has come under fire from various conservative religious groups because of his support for same-sex marriages. His stance on gun control led to NRA-organized media campaigns against him. Sanders has also shown creativity in organizing drug-shopping trips to Canada for senior citizens to call attention to inflated drug prices in the United States.

While impressive, Sanders’ candor does not itself represent political courage. The nation is teeming with outspoken radicals in one form or another. Most are sooner called crazy than courageous. It is the second half of Sanders’ political role that puts the first half into perspective: he is a powerful force for conciliation and bi-partisanship on Capitol Hill. In Profiles in Courage, John F. Kennedy wrote that “we should not be too hasty in condemning all compromise as bad morals. For politics and legislation are not matters for inflexible principles or unattainable ideals.” It may seem strange that someone so steadfast in his principles has a reputation as a peacemaker between divided forces in Washington, but this is what makes Sanders truly remarkable. He represents President Kennedy’s ideal of “compromises of issues, not of principles.”

For his screed on socialist Bernie Sanders young Pete won the Kennedy award which leaves us with this time-tested truth: Scratch a liberal find a committed socialist.


Amen Jim!

As the Democrats settle on two white guys and turn on their minority base, there is a reason.

Democrats have gone full socialist in recent years.

Republicans are the new Democrats, honestly.

Both parties have moved so far left that anything in the center is considered “right-wing extremism.”

The battle for 2nd place rages on between a young socialist and his mentor.

The socialists have lost touch with their former constituents.

Is it any wonder that so few watched the Dem debates?

This is the best they’ve got.

Two “socialists” lead the race, which is the politically correct way of saying Democrats are trying to lead us toward full-blown COMMUNISM.

Dean Garrison is Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry

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