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Why are Democrats including Adam Schiff blaming President Trump for coronavirus — are they getting Chinese campaign donations?

Why are Democrats including Adam Schiff blaming President Trump for coronavirus — are they getting Chinese campaign donations?

(TNS) If you’re getting a little sick and tired of listening to Democrats and their propagandists in the mainstream media shill for the Communist Chinese, blaming the coronavirus pandemic on President Trump instead of Beijing, you’re not alone.

Last week, Democratic Rep. Sean Casten of Illinois, who has blamed the president for the coronavirus pandemic, shilled for the Chinese.

As BizPac Review noted, Casten defended China’s wet markets, one of which was initially cited as the most likely petri dish for COVID-19.

“I think we need to be careful about laying all the blame on a particular cultural practice in a country that we don’t live in,” Casten said during a virtual town hall. “These viruses could hop from animals to humans, but you don’t shut that down just by shutting down a particular cultural practice that we aren’t familiar with.”

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The Washington Free Beacon fact-checked this ChiCom sympathizer:

His defense of wet markets, however, contradicts a scientific consensus dating back to 2006 that such markets pose a significant public health risk. While China has restricted the country’s scientists from pinpointing the exact origins of the virus, existing evidence suggests that the virus started in a wet market in Wuhan, China.

Others agree, including President Trump’s lead health expert on his coronavirus task force, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“[They] should shut down those things right away,” he said, referring to the wet markets. “It just boggles my mind that when we have so many diseases that emanate out of that unusual human-animal interface that we don’t just shut it down.”

That said, it’s no longer clear that the virus came from a wet market. As Trending Politics reported Friday, U.S. intelligence officials now believe it may have originated in China’s only Level 4 biolab, located near the epicenter of Wuhan city:

The virus responsible for killing thousands around the world and shuttering economies may have been created in a Chinese laboratory and accidentally released, according to a new report.

Fox News reported Friday that U.S. intelligence agencies are currently analyzing information suggesting that the coronavirus (COVID-19) was created in China’s only known Level 4 biolab in Wuhan city as part of ongoing experimentation, not as a biological weapon.

Wouldn’t you think the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence would know about this development?

Of course, he would. So why, then, is Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff also shilling for China, providing propaganda and cover for a ChiCom regime that has been covering all of this up since the beginning? Is he on the ChiCom payroll or something? How many other Democrats might also be?

Red State reports:

Days after Fox News’ Brett Baier reported the stunning news that multiple officials have “high confidence” the Wuhan Flu originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a Level 4 biological testing lab located in Wuhan, China, top House Democrat Adam Schiff (CA) tells President Trump to stop blaming China, the WHO, or the states.

Baier told Sean Hannity his sources are “100% confident that China altered the data, the statistics. They did a lot of things to contain the information. Meanwhile, they cut down – as you mentioned – travel from Wuhan internally, but left the international flights going and that’s obviously how you have a spread like this.” The CCP didn’t want those infected in Wuhan to spread the disease inside of China, but were fine with them spreading it to the rest of the world. Perhaps, in the case of the United States, they saw it as an opportunity.

Meanwhile, the ChiComs were well aware of the potency of coronavirus and how it spread early on. Yet, they falsely claimed that human-to-human transmission was not yet proven, and the China boot lickers at the World Health Organization accepted and perpetuated the lie.

Then, China launched a propaganda campaign and claimed that the U.S. military was responsible for the pandemic inside the country. So, as Red State notes, why wouldn’t President Trump blame Beijing?

Yet, here comes Adam Schiff the Democrat, not Adam Schiff the Intelligence Committee Chairman, carrying Beijing’s water by blasting and blaming our president.

Question: Is Adam Schiff getting campaign funds or something from Chinese interests? What about other Democrats?

After all, it’s happened before. Just ask Bill Clinton.

The Washington Post reported in 1998 that “evidence gathered in federal surveillance intercepts has indicated that the Chinese government planned to increase China’s influence in the U.S. political process in 1996,” noted John Fund at National Review in July 2017.

Is it happening again?

Courtesy of TNS

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