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Why did Canada, population 37 million, just order 293 million covid vaccine doses?

Why did Canada, population 37 million, just order 293 million covid vaccine doses?

(Natural News) In a strange turn of events, the Canadian government just placed an order for 293 million additional doses of Wuhan coronavirus vaccine, despite the entire country having a population of just 37 million people.

What is Justin Trudeau up to, you might be asking? Good question. We would like to know the same as it appears that he is gearing up to inject every Canadian citizen and resident with at least eight additional “booster” shots.

According to reports, Moderna, one of the two manufacturers of messenger RNA (mRNA) injections, has signed a contract with Canada to supply 20 million doses of its experimental jab annually for the years 2022, 2023 and 2024. This amounts to 60 million doses over the next several years with the option to throw in an additional 15 million doses if needed.

“Not a bad deal for your first product ever to market – and a drug that’s still in clinical trials to boot,” writes Celeste McGovern, reporter for LifeSite News, linking to the clinical trials website with more details. “Especially since Moderna has some problems with the safety of its novel platform mRNA vaccine.”

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A mere three months after its initial launch, the Moderna injection has received more than 300,000 reports of side effects, many of them serious. This figure is far higher than what has been officially reported to the government in accordance with the law.

All in all, Canada will have eventually received 105 million doses of Moderna’s Chinese Virus injection by 2024, suggesting that covid booster shots will become a seasonal thing much like annual flu shots.

As you may recall from a few months back, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pushed back against a suggestion from Pfizer that “fully vaccinated” people get booster shots. Just a few weeks later, the FDA changed its mind and rushed out an emergency use authorization (EUA) contract allowing Pfizer to dole out boosters starting in September.

FDA pretends to not support covid “booster” shots only to rush them through at warp speed

It turns out that the FDA’s initial refusal was just for show. As far back as April, Canada had already secured some 35 million Pfizer booster shots for the years 2022 and 2023, which came with the option to add another 60 million doses in 2024.

“That’s 188 million Pfizer shots,” McGovern writes.

“Added to Moderna’s supply that’s 293 million vaccine doses – enough injections to shoot every Canadian nearly eight times over in just three years. Do you think they might have a few booster shots a year in mind? Or are the extras for Canadian cats, perhaps?”

Canada’s chief public health officer Theresa Tam pulled a similar stunt as the FDA, pretending to oppose booster shots for covid only to change her tune just two weeks later, perfectly on schedule.

Now, boosters are becoming part of the plandemic lexicon, and will likely become a routine part of staying “fully vaccinated” against the Fauci Flu. Is anyone really surprised about this?

“No one seems to be asking why the miracle vaccine needs a booster dose or why, since every vaccination bar ever presented and then raised again – has been passed in Canada – and 99% of long-term care residents are vaccinated, why are heavily vaccinated Canadians – and Israelis and Brits and others –locked down in a ‘4th wave’ of COVID cases?” McGovern asks.

“Why is the wonder vaccine failing?”

The answer, of course, is that it was never a wonder vaccine to begin with – it was always a scam to fuel the spread of disease with new vaccine-spawned variants. The so-called “vaccines,” in other words, are the real pandemic.

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