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Why is this nurse being federally charged for FAKING vaccine cards, but Big Pharma is never charged for FAKING vaccine research?

Why is this nurse being federally charged for FAKING vaccine cards, but Big Pharma is never charged for FAKING vaccine research?

(Natural News) The FDA has faked an approval of so-called “vaccines” for Covid that have been proven scientifically to offer little-to-no protection against contracting or transmitting the virus, but no charges have been brought to the scientists who created them or the FDA officials that issued the fake approval. Yet, just last week, federal investigators charged a South Carolina nurse with two counts of making fake vaccine cards for patients at a hospital in Columbia. The nurse faces up to 15 years in prison if found guilty. It was stated by officials that she is “exploiting the pandemic and people for personal gain,” although there is no proof she made any money off these vaccine cards, or that she’s even guilty yet. Plus, since it’s not a real “vaccine,” is she really guilty of anything at all?

Pfizer clinical trial patients experienced horrific side effects in high numbers and Pfizer covered it all up last winter, so where are all the federal indictments?

On a massive scale, Pfizer scientists and executives are guilty (just look at their own documents to verify) of exploiting the pandemic and about 100 million people with an mRNA vaccine that caused over 1,200 deaths and 42,000 dangerous adverse reactions in just the first few months of administration. This is according to their own clinical trial data that the FDA saw and somehow still issued a fake approval for public use. Zero indictments. Zero press coverage. Nothing to see here.

Reports of this top level FRAUD came from several countries, not just the USA, including Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the UK. Nervous system disorders topped the charts for serious side effects caused by the Pfizer mRNA vaccine that were covered up illegally. If scientists and regulators are found guilty of this they could face life in prison or the death sentence, but since no person who works for Big Pharma is ever indicted on anything, the case is unlikely to ever make it to a courtroom.

Meanwhile, one nurse who allegedly made a few fake vaccine cards for a “vaccine” that doesn’t stop Covid but only injures and kills people, well, she is being treated like a domestic terrorist who’s responsible for the whole pandemic. She’s been released on a $10,000 bond.

Engaging in illegal activities like making fake vaccine cards undermines ongoing pandemic response efforts, but making deadly clot shots that kill thousands of people does not

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In America, all hell breaks loose when someone does not get the fake Covid vaccines and the authorities can make an example of that person. It’s always about terrorizing the rest of the unvaccinated population into submission, because certainly there is no science available to prove the jabs help quash or quell this plandemic.

So far, pandemic “response” has included several “precautions” that make the pandemic worse, including clot shots, bacteria-breeding masks, failed social distancing, and economy-crushing lockdowns. Since Covid-19 was created in a laboratory to purposely infect humans (gain of function), the whole pandemic is illegal and should be classified as biowarfare.

Last May, US Attorney General Merrick Garland crafted the Fauci-Flu task force to combat fraudulent activity during the pandemic, as long as that fraud is outside the scope of creating deadly vaccines and marketing them as “safe and effective.” The fake task force claims there are already 1,200 sellers of fake vaccine cards in the US and Europe, and this is supposedly validated by Check Point Software Technologies, a global security firm that’s pretending to have some kind of proof that they won’t show anyone.

For reliable health news on the internet, tune to for updates on illegal vaccines that cause blood clots and other horrific side effects.

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