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WOKE is BROKE: Disney suffers devastating operating losses and begins mass layoffs after pushing trans-everything themes as hard as possible

WOKE is BROKE: Disney suffers devastating operating losses and begins mass layoffs after pushing trans-everything themes as hard as possible

(Natural News) Activists at Disney are pushing woke ideology in subliminal and obvious ways in nearly all Disney productions now, and the CEO is all for it, but at what cost? From epic success to epic failure, Disney recently incurred nearly $1.5 billion in streaming losses and their stock has plummeted almost 40 percent this year. All staff are being “reviewed for efficiency” and mass layoffs are on the horizon. The box office is struggling when it comes to reeling in Disney fans, as it appears that once a business goes woke, it’s not far from going broke.

Films featuring lesbians kissing, grooming themes, and Satan-impregnated teenagers is not boding so well with the average American parent. Leftist propaganda to brainwash children into thinking about sex, sexuality, sexual partners, and switching genders is embedded in almost everything Disney these days, and American audiences seem to have had enough. No more apologies for the woke ideology that’s trying to turn this country’s youth into perverted mutants.

Don’t be fooled, because LGBTQ is not just about gay rights, and marriage rights, but it’s more and more about “educating” children to try to switch genders as early as daycare age and ask mom, dad, and doctor about dangerous drugs and irreversible surgery that can leave them infertile and damaged (physically and mentally) for life. Now Disney is on the verge of financial collapse, according to leaked memos coming from inside the corporate matrix of wokeness.

Disney is one big “coming out” party and it’s not appropriate for children’s movies

Disney’s motto is now “Don’t Say Gay,” but push it as hard as possible into children’s minds and culture so that it’s all they can think about all day. This is also what pedophiles want so it’s easier for them to get away with illegal acts and child sacrifices to the devil, as we see the themes played out in movies, TV series, and holiday specials.

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It’s the woke-alt-left and misery loves company, so they’re infiltrating their dirt whereever Leftists run corporations. Their biggest problem is woke keeps going broke, so as a business model, they’re almost doomed to fail every time. Go “all in” for Drag Queens, anti-America, and gender-fluid everything and lose revenue fast.

The corporate matrix of wokeness in America is communist at the core

Socialism is just the introduction to communism, and the Leftist leaders in Washington DC are engaging a full conversion, if they can get away with it. One key to installing communism in America for the Biden/CCP Regime is to ruin all faith in God and turn everyone into broke, woke perverts and druggies who beg the government for handouts (and thus vote for more Democrats) forever until they all die a young, expensive, miserable death. That’s what “woke” really means.

Disney is at the core of this mission, trying to dismantle the nuclear family from within, by perverting children’s minds while they watch their fantasies unravel on the silver screen (the streaming service on their wall or in their lap or hand on their smart device). Social media weaves the fabric of the sick-minded adults who want to convert kids as young as possible to hate themselves, hate their identity, and hate everyone who doesn’t support trans-everything, calling them all racists, bigots, and “conservatives.”

But Disney has a grand nemesis right there in their own backyard – one Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida who opposes all this perverted nonsense in schools, movies, and daycare centers across the state and country. It’s no longer “family entertainment,” but a brainwashing campaign by the Left to ruin family values and all morals for the newest generations.

Flip your news switch to for updates on other ways Hollywood and Disney are trying to perv-out all the kids with sex-minded thinking disguised as gay rights.

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