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Woke United Airlines puts rainbow on San Fran-to-Sydney jetliner with all-LGBTQ crew, gets ripped on social media for no emphasis on safety or skills

Woke United Airlines puts rainbow on San Fran-to-Sydney jetliner with all-LGBTQ crew, gets ripped on social media for no emphasis on safety or skills

(Natural News) American corporations are continuing to ‘go woke’ as they are increasingly being run by left-wing libtards who care only about virtue signaling over “diversity” and “equity” even at the cost of quality and safety.

Count United Airlines among them. The company was ripped online after posting a video showing a jet being adorned with an LGBTQ rainbow that was flying from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia, with an all-LGBTQ crew.

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The airline was immediately blasted online.

“I don’t care how many boxes your crew checks, but what I do care about is their qualifications. You made it clear that an all-LGBTQ+ crew was your number one priority above safety and qualifications. I will never fly United Airlines again,” one user wrote.

“Everybody wants the finest pilots possible flying their aircraft. Nobody cares what their pronouns are or who they sleep with. Get a grip United and stop this extremely unsafe insanity,” said another user.

“As a 1K member and business owner, I just want to know what someone’s sexual preference has to do with getting me to my destination safely and on time?” asked another user.

Actor Matthew Marsden added: “More virtue signaling bullshit. Just do a good job. No one cares about the sexual orientation of your crew.”

In April 2021, Reuters reported that United Airlines disclosed its aspiration to train a minimum of half of the 5,000 pilots it plans to train this decade at its new flight school from among women and people of color. The move is aimed at diversifying a profession that has historically been dominated by white men. The announcement coincided with U.S. airlines’ resumption of pilot recruitment, which was put on hold during the pandemic, and as they became preoccupied with politically correct issues surrounding race.

“We want to make sure that we are tapping into a big deep talent pool and not limiting ourselves to just one section of the pond,” Chief Communications Officer Josh Earnest said on a Zoom call with journalists.

Reuters added:

Chicago-based United joined Delta Air Lines and American Airlines on Monday in speaking out against voting restrictions following recent legislation in states like Georgia that activist groups say unfairly target black and other racial minority voters.

United is the only major U.S. airline to own a flight school, the United Aviate Academy, which it bought last year just before vanishing demand because of the pandemic forced the industry to scale back its operations.

For the record, the ‘concern’ over Georgia’s voter ID enhancement law was misplaced; more people voted in 2022, including ‘people of color’ but did so without generating as much controversy because they were verified.

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