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YES I’m Still Recovering BUT… I Got This Email From a Pro Cyclist That I Have To Share — MASS GENOCIDE IS HAPPENING NOW!

YES I’m Still Recovering BUT… I Got This Email From a Pro Cyclist That I Have To Share — MASS GENOCIDE IS HAPPENING NOW!

I have a follow up Dr. appointment in the morning so I’m gonna keep this fairly short. I had a mini stroke a couple of days ago and my face is swollen (non-related infection). I’d show you a picture but it’s embarrassing. LOL I look like Quasi Modo folks. Imagine ugly Dean with the left side of his face swollen up. It’s not pretty.

Anyway I have famous readers all over the world and one reached out to me Sunday morning by email. And yes he is a pro athlete that will remain anonymous. We can’t be hurting his career and costing him sponsors by letting anyone know he’s associated with me. 😉

Here’s the email I got Sunday morning:

Subject: TIA mini stroke!

Yo, Dean Good morning and God ???? bless you on this Sunday. I had the same thing happen to me 3 times this year. I am a professional cyclist and functional medicine health coach who believes I was doing everything perfect and was as healthy as ever. I network my coaching through a local integrative/functional medicine practice who has saved many lives during these last 3 years. What is crazy is they are seeing this in many young people with or without the poison shot. They believe c19 is causing it too but what is crazy is on all the antibodies test I show negative. Get your D-Dimer levels tested. Mine are super elevated and it’s been 6+ months and they won’t even budge. I had to up my low dose aspirin to a full strength and add high dose omegas( I use the algae ones as the fish ones are garbage and turn rancid)4 a day. I also had to learn to make Natto to eat daily. You could also just buy NattoK supplement. Make sure you never dehydrate yourself. I had a brain MRI no contrast to prove they were TIA’s. Since starting this protocol I have had zero incidents. I have retested my D-Dimer levels 4 times and they won’t budge back down. My opinion is C19/vaccine is being blamed for this when it is coming from 5g. C19 is not making people loose their hair either it is the radiation from 5g. Buy a EMF meter, it is scary stuff the king of numbers I am seeing everywhere today in southern California.
If you need anything please reach out.

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Take care and thank you for your wonderful journaling.

Name Redacted


OK Dean what is a “mini stroke?”

To those of us who have them it is simply a mild stroke. I hit the floor two nights ago after losing the use of my legs, but about 45 minutes later I was OK. Let’s turn that question over to a real Doctor…

OK so the lady Doctor is basically making me feel like an idiot. I am not a smart man. So maybe it’s a TIA, anxiety attack, or panic attack. I don’t know and after about a dozen of these PLUS Two REAL strokes, I don’t know what it is.

And tomorrow morning upon my visit to the Doc, they probably won’t know either. Sorry I didn’t go to medical school and don’t use the proper terms lady.

The main reason I wanted to print a short blurb today is two-fold. I’m bored and My cyclist friend talked about something we have not talked about in awhile. 5G is dangerous and totally inhumane. 297 dead birds in The Netherlands speak all the truth I need about that.

Remember this from 2018 folks?

I don’t speak bird but even if I did they are DEAD and unable to respond. Folks it’s not just covid, not just covid vaccines and as much as I hate to say it… 5G is only one of many other things they are using to kill us.


Deny it.

Tell me I’m wrong if it makes you feel better.

But I’ve dedicated the last 11 years of my life to this stuff and it’s real. They are using technology for population reduction and that’s a fact. Lie to yourself if it helps you sleep at night, or… Seek the truth and believe that the future is still bright. That’s what I’m trying to do.

Stokes are increasing in young people folks. That’s a fact. Do your own research.

We live in an age where you must find your own truth, unless you’d rather believe puppets like Fauci. If that’s your choice I’ll pray for ya.

Can’t work too hard. Gotta go get xrays tomorrow that will tell me nothing. They never do.

God Bless You ALL and God Bless My Friend Who Reached Out to Me This Morning!

Dean Garrison is the publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry. Follow him on GAB, GETTR and Truth Social. He is permanently banned from Twitter and suspended, more often than NOT, from Facebook. LOL Please feel free to reprint this article in part or full. Dean is trying to resurrect his career after 2 years of blindness. His eyes are fixed but his web traffic is NOT. If you can help by sharing articles it would be much appreciated. Prayers are always appreciated too. If you can afford it, I would also be grateful for donations, large or small. I am blocked, because of politics, by ALL major donation websites. So if you have a donation please send it to me directly by snail mail: Dean Garrison, 109 Martha Street, DuBois, NE 68345. God Bless you ALL and God Bless America. We will win, or we will die trying!

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