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Your FB Account. What’s Zuck peeping at now, and who’s he sending to your door?

Your FB Account. What’s Zuck peeping at now, and who’s he sending to your door?

Mental health is for professionals, not supercomputers.

Every county across this vast nation already has a team trained and designated to handle mental health emergencies. There are over half a million mental health professionals licensed and practicing in this country but, never mind all of that, Mark Zuckerberg wants to get involved. There are so many ways this Facebook Suicide Prevention Program can go sideways. The entire system runs on a Facebook A.I. “algorithm” which can pull your name up based on some collection of words, phrases, or memes you may have posted.

Geeky healthcare nitwits love this program

First, let’s take a look at some of the commentary taken from an article in Global Healthcare: Facebook is set to roll out its AI technology to monitor user posts and undertake significant suicide prevention.” The bold emphasis is mine. So, FB’s Artificial Intelligence is going to monitor everyone in order to find potential suicide risks and undertake significant suicide prevention—not just regular old suicide prevention, there will be something about how they respond to your alleged suicidal ideation that is significant!

Scared yet?

Let’s dig a little deeper into this article: “Facebook will now be able to provide increased support, asking whether the user is alright, but the AI will also feed back to a team member who can look at the information given and provide support in a matter of minutes, or contact local services in the user’s area.”My boldface emphasis again. The AI finds you, sends an online wellness check message, then gets one of those highly-skilled FB employees on with you–maybe. But what if you left your comment, and then went out with friends, or to the market? Easy Peasy! They can’t reach you, they call in the locals!

Ever been Swatted?

Can you already see this coming? It’s almost as if Facebook intended to use cops to do their mischief. How often have we seen wellness checks turn into “murder by cop?” In case you aren’t aware, police are generally afraid of “psychos.” The definition of a psycho being anyone the police think might do something crazy and put their lives in danger. Doing something crazy is defined as not following their screamed instructions immediately. But, hey, this is just a friendly visit to make sure YOU are okay. Why worry about a violent response by the cops?

You better worry

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Go take a look at your Facebook page, your memes, your photos. Got anything on there related to firearms or the Second Amendment? Did you join any pro-gun FB groups? How about the NRA or one of the other like-minded organizations? Ever been thrown in FB jail for making inappropriate comments or posting articles they didn’t like? Ever get in a tiff on Facebook over politics? I hope you didn’t try to start or join any militia groups! Are you one of those Right-wing fanatics? You ARE, aren’t you!

When Uncle Mark’s suicide “specialist” calls the police to request a wellness check, you can bet they will include their own twisted notions of what kind of person you are based on the above prejudicial information. The police will ask (or won’t have to ask) if the FB employee thinks you might be armed, as well as dangerous. With so many police getting killed over the past few years, they tend to be a little jumpy if they believe they are going into a situation with a potentially armed unstable person. Congratulations, you just got swatted by Mark Zuckerberg!

Red Flag Heaven

Let’s imagine the most positive outcome of your friendly wellness visit. You answer the door, and no one in that nice group of kevlar clad heavily armed people pointing assault rifles at you pulls the trigger. They may look a little disappointed, but no caps are busted. If you are in a Red Flag state or municipality, there is a very good chance the police will “take” your firearms—just as a precaution. After all, Mark Zuckerberg’s computer said you were a little off your nut, so better safe than sorry.

That is gonna leave a mark!

What if that really pisses you off? Your face turns red and your fists clench. You blurt out something about the Second Amendment and WHAM, you’re on the floor with those beefy boys on top of you. Now you really have problems. The good news is all you have to do later is to prove you aren’t a danger to yourself or others. That’s right! The burden of proof is now on you to prove the computer was wrong, and you’ll also have to account for all those self-incriminating social media posts. Heads up! How to defeat a Red Flag confiscation

Putting pressure on the system

If Zuckerberg’s dream of saving the world (gag…cough) from itself becomes a hard reality, can you imagine the tens of thousands of requests for wellness checks coming from his A.I. every month, just here in the United States? Over time, the police will come to resent all that extra work, and they only have one person to take it out on. I predict very little time will be spent on your stoop plumbing the depths of your psyche. You will be lovingly bundled up and delivered to a facility nearest you. Your weapons will be heading someplace else. You may even be put on a federal list of people not allowed to purchase firearms–ever again, for your own protection of course.

What will follow this AI nightmare?

If a Facebook user’s posts can predict suicidal intent, what else might they predict? Throw in a few phrases like “Come and take it,” or “pried from my cold dead hands,” and wait for the SWAT team to arrive. Maybe you just joined a few preppers or survivalist groups. Maybe you really are about to crack and do something horrible! Clearly Zuck’s AI will need to stop you.

How long before all of our Facebook information is neatly cataloged and sent to one of those Constitution-supporting intelligence agencies, and will it stop at Facebook? The Big Social Media Companies Are Being Used As A Weapon To Advance The Agenda Of The New World Order I doubt it, and so do you!

The REAL agenda behind Zuck’s latest assault on our privacy

As I’ve mentioned before, Red Flag Laws aren’t about massive gun confiscation, the process would be too slow. These laws are there to silence you, make you keep your head down and your mouth shut for fear of becoming a target to the government. Red Flag Gun Laws (The sinister strategy behind them) They are there because those in power know their most potent weapon is fear…your fear of losing something valuable.

As the social media cabal marches across the Bill of Rights, our world gets smaller and smaller. What we can legally say and do falls within strict parameters. We don’t even have to break any laws to have our rights stripped away by the various court systems and by faceless bureaucrats.

How far will it go–how far will we let it go? Thank God that our armed Texas church hero hadn’t run afoul of the mental health courts or he wouldn’t have been able to draw this to defend his fellow parishioners.

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David Brockett is a Vietnam Veteran and former Marine aviator. He writes fiction and historical fiction, as well as articles on politics, religion, gun-rights, preparedness, and current events.

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