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ZOMBIE DRUG “Tranq” secretly mixed with fentanyl ROTS human tissue, leading to amputation and more overdose deaths in 48 US states

ZOMBIE DRUG “Tranq” secretly mixed with fentanyl ROTS human tissue, leading to amputation and more overdose deaths in 48 US states

(Natural News) As if the fentanyl crisis could not get any worse, it just did. The DEA is finding a popular veterinary tranquilizer drug called xylazine, which is supposed to only be used to put animals to sleep for surgery, being used by drug dealers as a cutting agent for fentanyl. “Cutting” is when a drug dealer increases the amount of a drug by adding a cheap agent that looks like it, but “tranq dope” is even MORE deadly than fentanyl, because there is no antidote for it when unsuspecting users overdose. People who overdose on fentanyl can be saved during the first few minutes if given the overdose reversing drug naloxone, also known as Narcan (comes in a nasal spray), but it doesn’t work for the zombie drug tranq.

Skin-decomposing veterinary drug ‘tranq’ zombifying humans who think they’re just getting fentanyl or cocaine

The DEA has issued a public safety alert in all 50 US states warning about the cheap cutting agent in fentanyl that causes human flesh to rot away and turn into gangrene. The animal sedative and muscle relaxant is being found all over the country, thanks to the open borders policy by Beijing Biden, and the Chinese and Mexican drug cartels that are pushing even more deadly drugs all over the continental USA.

As if fentanyl wasn’t deadly enough, now most of it contains “tranq dope” that depresses breathing and rots the flesh. Necrosis is now a “side effect” of using fentanyl because most of the street drug now contains random doses of xylazine, leading to rotting flesh, amputation, and irreversible overdosing. The DEA is reporting that last year at least a fourth of all seized fentanyl contained xylazine. Even the prescription opioid pills sold on the street now contain the zombifying drug, killing more than 300 Americans each day.

The zombie drug makes the fentanyl high last longer, while rotting flesh at the site of injection and on the legs, feet, hands, arms, and face of the users. Drug users now literally look like zombies. This new mixture is found in 48 of the 50 US states, all over the metropolitan cities, and thanks to the Biden Regime’s open border policy, where drug running in the USA is easier than selling junk food at a carnival.

Zombie drug Tranq found in heroin and crack pills, powder, and glassines sold on street in all major US cities

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The days are over where a drug user or teen experimenting with drugs can simply buy a certain drug, try it, and live to tell about it. Now, kids, teens, young adults, and addicted drug users are overdosing on just about anything, because now almost all drugs can easily be laced with fentanyl and tranq, and nobody knows except the drug dealer, until it’s too late. From ADHD drugs, to mollies, to people at bars dropping fentanyl in people’s drinks, it’s like Russian Roulette and the “gun” is loaded.

Xylazine is extremely cheap to purchase, so drug dealers love using it. They could not care less how many people overdose or have their skin rot away, and the US government, run by drug-dealing Democrat tyrants, well, they don’t care either. Got skin ulcers? It’s probably the tranq effect.

According to the CDC, over 100,000 Americans died from August 2020 to August 2021 from drug POISONINGS, and two-thirds of those involved synthetic opioids. Philadelphia and New York City are at the epicenter of the zombie apocalypse, where over 90 percent of the lab-tested dope samples contain the zombie drug xylazine. Let’s repeat that. Nearly all the lab-tested dope samples contain the flesh-eating, human overdosing drug that’s supposed to be only for putting animals to sleep for surgery. Where are the Feds and DEA to reign in the manufacturing, distribution, and illegal sales of this drug?

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