Wednesday, April 17th, 2024

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It’s become quite apparent that there was never an excuse to impose the draconian lockdowns. This was economic terrorism by the ruling class, and the damage has been done. Thirty million people have already lost their jobs as tyranny came crashing down upon them.

According to the government’s number, and as reported by Breitbart, new claims for unemployment benefits fell to 3.84 million in the week ended April 25, data from the Department of Labor showed Thursday.

That brings new unemployment claims, a proxy for layoffs, over the past six weeks to around 30 million. Continuing claims, those filed after the initial week of benefits, rose to just under 18 million. Economists had expected around 3.5 million new claims. Claims hit a record 6.87 million for the week of March 28. Each subsequent week has seen claims decline. Last week’s initially reported figure was revised up by 15,000 to 4.4 million.

They Don’t Want You To Know The Truth! It’s Time To End The Tyrannical Lockdown Ourselves

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Everyone keeps saying over and over again that this is the fault of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s not. Let’s be truthful. The economic destruction is the aftermath of tyranny and the absolute destruction of basic human rights. This has nothing to do with a virus. It has to with the media propagating fear in order to get governments to control our behavior and obey the tyrants. Now people have no financial security and they traded their freedom for it.

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This was nothing short of economic terrorism, and every governor who commanded businesses to close is a criminal. But we could have stopped this. We could have refused to comply with the tyrannical demands and not given away our rights. We could have refused to beg for them back while waving signs with the names of our oppressors on them. We could have saved ourselves by disobeying. Now we have an economy that’s fitting of our police state. Terroristic.

We will continue to be controlled and enslaved as long as we allow this shit to continue to happen. It’s past time to wake up. I know I keep saying that, but it’s true. The time to push back was six weeks ago when we could have salvaged our livelihoods and our freedom by disobeying the tyrants our of existence. But obedient order followers have helped make sure we all get to be enslaved.

There are still people waking up to what’s happening. The censorship continues so the mainstream media knows their days are numbered. But it sure would be nice if people could open their eyes sooner to their enslavement.

A quote commonly attributed to Harriet Tubman:

“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

It is time to abolish permanently the last form of slavery.

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