Saturday, September 30th, 2023

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DC Dirty Laundry started publishing in July of 2018. It is the sister site of DC Clothesline and part of a planned expansion project. Dean Garrison, the Publisher, originally burst onto the conservative blogging scene in 2013 with several mega-viral articles that would shape the modern conservative landscape.

In the years following his early successes, that landscape changed. Conservative sites were censored by social media, de-listed by search engines, and de-monetized by advertisers.

The fight for free speech was taken to a new level.


In a country where free speech is in serious danger, we have decided to aggressively expand and fight, because the truth can not die and the mainstream liberal media can not be allowed to write history according to their own flawed perception.


America was founded as a Christian Nation and our Constitution was written based on Biblical Principles. Today, in America, Christians are being portrayed as the enemy and that must stop.

An awakening is underway in America and we hope to do our part to make sure that awakening does not die.

Not on our watch!

The truth must survive and thrive in order to change the course of this country’s destiny.

It is about the future of my family (6 children) and yours. This is a fight we can not afford to lose.

God Bless America,

Dean Garrison, Publisher

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