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41 Yr Old, Former Dem candidate who said ‘I don’t give a f**k what happens to anti-vaxxers’ died suddenly while walking dog

41 Yr Old, Former Dem candidate who said ‘I don’t give a f**k what happens to anti-vaxxers’ died suddenly while walking dog

(Natural News) The sudden death of a progressive Democrat candidate in Florida who scolded people for refusing to take the Covid jab is being revisited on social media.

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In screenshots from truck driver and District 23 candidate Richard Rowe’s Facebook, the 41-year-old pro-vaccine politician mocked anti-vaxxers who he claimed “helped kill 700,000 Americans” before he himself passed away on October 28, 2021.

“Just a reminder. God has a sense of humour,” reads a caption from a Twitter user who revisited the posts.

Screen grabs show Rowe, who received his first Pfizer jab on August, 12, 2021, was bothered by people who refused to take the jab, at one point declaring, “Let Darwin do his work.”

“Let me be real clear….I do not give a FUCK what happens to anti-vaxxers. I dont. Let Darwin do his work. They helped kill 700,000 Americans. I do not have the pity or tears to spare for any of them. It’s all dried up now. Sorry. At this point. I’m just hoping they feel 1/10th of the pain theyve caused everyone else. The kids will be fine. THEY’RE going to suffer. And I fucking well think they’ve earned it.”

Rowe made two vaccine-related posts on the day he received his first jab, with his first post evidently joking about dying from the vaccine.

Posting a photo showing his Covid vaccine card, Rowe acknowledged he was taking the jab despite having already contracted Covid, writing, “Already had COVID last year, so not worried about catching it. Bit I want to maintain my smug sense of moral and intellectual superiority while making fun of Darwin’d anti-vaxxers. It’s actually pretty noble, really.”

Earlier in the year, in July, Rowe described his contempt for people who refused to wear face masks and who tune into Fox, Trump and OANN, again saying, “I DO NOT CARE what happens to you.”

He also made additional posts in September arrogantly dismissing anti-vaxxers’ concerns, suggesting he received a second vaccine that month.

In an interesting turn of events, Rowe died the following month, with a friend of his claiming he died unexpectedly while walking his dog.

Rowe’s death is being viewed as a cautionary tale of sorts warning people not to tempt fate.

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