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9 out of 10 Democrats predict violence in America, and they are willing to carry it out to annihilate whites, Trump supporters and Christians

9 out of 10 Democrats predict violence in America, and they are willing to carry it out to annihilate whites, Trump supporters and Christians

(Natural News) The escalation in political rancor in Washington has spread throughout the country and is likely to result next in violence following the “war of words,” according to a newly released survey.

Not only that, but Americans who identify as Democrats are much more likely to say violence is coming than Republicans, though the figure is high on both sides of the political aisle.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, some six-in-10 Republicans (61 percent) believe that violence between the political Right and Left is coming, while a whopping nine-in-10 Democrats think so:

After a week that saw President Trump and his foes toss toxic words at each other, there is now a warning that the next phase could be “violence.”

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Nearly 8 of 10 Americans told the Pew Research Center that supporters for both sides could “act” on the politically charged rhetoric with violence. It was higher for Democrats, 91%, than Republicans, 61%.

And they want politicians to cool it.

“Americans broadly agree that elected officials should avoid using heated language because it could encourage violence. Nearly three-quarters of Americans (73%) say this, while just a quarter believe that elected officials ‘Should be able to use heated language to express themselves without worrying about whether some people may act on what they say,’” the Left-leaning center warned.

“While majorities in both parties say officials should avoid heated language, this view is more widely held among Democrats (83%) than Republicans (61%),” the survey noted further.

Not surprisingly, more respondents blamed POTUS Donald Trump for most of the heated rhetoric, but given the way he’s treated by Democratic politicians, Left-wing groups, and the Democrat-aligned propaganda media, that’s not surprising.

“Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents overwhelmingly (84%) say Trump has changed political discourse for the worse. About half of Republicans and Republican leaners (49%) say he has changed it for the better, while 23% say he has changed it for the worse and 27% say he hasn’t changed it much either way,” Pew noted.

How so?

Violence is coming if that’s what the Left wants — and it seems they do

If anyone is really to blame for the angst and the division, how can it realistically be a president who has been under unprecedented assault since before he even took office?

How can the president, who’s been called every name in the book by these people, be responsible for creating rancor? How is it possible that POTUS Trump, in merely responding to the attacks, is somehow responsible for the heated rhetoric thrown his way?


— Democrats are the ones who have super-heated the political rhetoric with accusations that the Trump administration is “putting migrant children in cages.” As Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) reminded the opposition party this week, it was the Obama administration that first built, and then used, “cages” to detain migrant children and families.

— It was Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex (D-NY) who has used the language of the Holocaust to claim that the president is running “concentration camps” along the border to detain migrants.

— Democrats have called the president a “racist,” a “bigot,” a “homophobe,” a “Nazi,” Hitler, and other disparaging names — not the other way around.

— Democrats are the ones who refuse to condemn the violence of Left-wing groups like Antifa who continually attack and injure conservative, pro-Trump supporters, including the recent attack against indy journalist Andy Ngo in Portland. (Related: Dershowitz: Trump admin needs to step up against rising Left-wing violence.)

The disgustingly dishonest ‘mainstream’ media is responsible for this misconception. They have repeatedly lied about what the president has said and not said; taken him out of context; created pseudo-news events (like the claim he sent “Racist” tweets last week to “women of color”) strictly to create animosity and anger; and the Democrat Party has used each incident to advance their political agenda of hate and division.

There very well could be violence breaking out all over America before the 2020 election. But if that happens, it’ll be the Democrats, not POTUS Trump, who are to blame.

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