Friday, September 22nd, 2023

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According to Biden Regime, Americans who do NOT salute the gay flag and celebrate Juneteenth are MAGA-extremist, Russia-loving, gay-bashing, white supremacists

According to Biden Regime, Americans who do NOT salute the gay flag and celebrate Juneteenth are MAGA-extremist, Russia-loving, gay-bashing, white supremacists

(Natural News) Saluting the American flag, wearing a t-shirt bearing it, or carrying it around during a peaceful protest now associates that person or group with “white supremacy” and “straight” people who hate blacks, gays, and immigrants, according to the extremely hypocritical Left. Peace, love, and God are now “dirty” words, as the Biden Regime pushes for war, hate, and atheism in order to accomplish their main goal – installing communism from sea to not-so-shining sea.

To cap it all off, the US Air Force is literally celebrating gender confusion June (“pride month”) with a serviceman saluting the queer rainbow flag, as this takes priority over protecting the country and recognizing the Republic as the greatest nation on earth. It’s all about being politically correct now and not offending anyone who can’t figure out what gender they want to be today. Washington DC wants everyone thinking about sex, multiple sex partners, and grooming kids for the same, instead of building family values, respect for the military, and faith in God almighty.

Mass media hoaxes: Juneteenth and the Rainbow flag keep Americans believing that the country is divided and full of people who don’t tolerate each other

Sure, it’s important to recognize minorities and people who are discriminated against, but unfortunately, that is not the “master plan” of the fake president and his cabal of hatred. The goal of the communists running Washington DC is to have everyone believe that all straight white people are racists, bigots, gay-bashers, MAGA extremists, and domestic terrorists who want to reinstall slavery and banish all the gays. It’s all one huge distraction, while the real “domestic terrorists” try to force-vaccinate the masses, start WWIII with Russia, and wipe out the middle class by crippling the economy.

The LGBTQ+ movement, if it were ever a positive thing, has been warped, adulterated, and sick-twisted by the politicians suffering from Trump-derangement syndrome and CRT-inflicted “hate whitey” syndrome. It’s all about convincing children and teens to try to “switch” genders by getting their genitalia cut off or mutilated while taking cancer-tumor-inducing hormones to warp their biological physical traits. It’s called grooming and these adults who push it on the youth should be thrown in prison for it.

The corporate agenda is to recruit children and teens into the perverted world of tranny everything, where all they think about all day is sex and sex partners

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The Left truly wants everyone to be disgusted with America and believe that most Americans are intolerant of differences, but it’s just not true. Most Americans are not racist, not bigots, not haters, not bitter, not resentful, and appreciate cultures from around the world. The mass media is on a tear as of late to convince us all that everyone is fighting and hating each other all the time, everywhere. President Trump doesn’t hate gays, or blacks, or immigrants. That was all a political con and the people who believe it are brainwashed by the mass-propaganda campaign that started when he first declared he was running for president.

Think about it. The majority of riots in this country began and ended with BLM and Antifa (pro-fascist groups) who destroyed entire metropolitan cities, burned down businesses, beat innocent people to death, and then pretend they are fighting for equal rights and to end discrimination. Wait, what? What ever happened to lead by example?

Now, while everyone is supposed to salute the 55 queer flags, including the US military, there are drag queens going around to daycare centers and elementary schools and dancing in their thongs and high heels, trying to convince children to switch genders (another fake science movement, like climate change).

Let’s celebrate freedom in America and diversity by appreciating each other as we interact in the neighborhood, at stores, at work, on vacations, etc. We don’t need holidays and strip tease shows to convince everyone we are all unique and should be appreciated 24/7/365 for our differences. This country was founded on immigration, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, so let’s not forget that. Tune your internet dial to for updates on extreme liberals with hidden agendas trying to turn normal kids into gender-confused freaks.

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