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According to the White House, Covid CANNOT SPREAD from infected illegal immigrants to Americans unless they stay in the country for a long period of time

According to the White House, Covid CANNOT SPREAD from infected illegal immigrants to Americans unless they stay in the country for a long period of time

(Natural News) The pandemic pushers always talk about the unvaccinated as being “anti-science.” Well, this really takes the cake, now that the White House is declaring that all Covid-infected illegal immigrants coming into America (by simply walking across the open border) have NO CHANCE of infecting Americans because they’re not coming to stay, and they won’t be here for a very long time. That’s a bad lie piled on top of another really bad lie.

So then answer us this: When DOES Covid start to become transmissible from the infected illegal immigrants to unassuming Americans? Is it two weeks, two months, or are the illegal aliens immune from passing along Covid for two years? What’s the cutoff, Ms. “Wild Guess” Psaki?

Only American citizens flying by plane into America can spread Covid, never infected illegal foreigners on foot or in the back of a pickup truck

You see, if you’re speaking for the Democrats running DC and the plandemic playbook, then you get to decide that Covid is only a threat for Americans flying back into the United States on planes, but for foreign nationals on foot, Covid cannot be contagious or transmissible to American citizens during the undetermined initial period of transgression onto US soil, no matter what city or town they wind up in, after the Biden Regime transports them all for free to mainly red states.

Surely, Fauci agrees with all these non-science-based wild theories that the White House is dishing out to the cognitive-voided vaxxed sheeple. That’s why illegal immigrants don’t need ID, vaccine passports, real passports, actual Covid tests run, or any food or money to come to America and “live the dream.”

Currently, Del Rio, Texas is the ultimate breeding ground for Covid among the illegal immigrants waiting for Biden’s buses to take them to Republican cities across the USA

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It would seem that most Democrats and their leaders are paranoid and extra-careful about not spreading Covid in our country, being that they impose masks, social distancing, lock-downs (when they can get away with it), and mass-vaccination, but when it comes to illegal immigrants, all bets are off. Why is that?

Illegal immigrants are huddling in massive swaths, with large percentages of them already infected with Covid, and most of them are not social distancing, wearing masks or required to be vaccinated. If these were American citizens, the Democrats would be going crazy, like they did during the Trump rallies last year, blaming Conservatives for fueling the pandemic.

The real reason the Democrats do NOT care about illegal aliens violating all Covid safety rules is because it’s all a scamdemic, and the ‘scam artists’ at the top all know it. The China Flu is just another respiratory virus that can be prevented, beaten back and defeated with nutrients, vitamin D, zinc, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

The vaccine industry shills and plandemic salespeople on television, including Fauci and Wen, are not afraid of Covid because they don’t even follow their own flagrant, so-called rules and regulations about it. It’s all just theatre. As soon as the cameras stop taping them, they remove their masks and laugh. Nearly every Covid pusher politician has been caught repeatedly violating their own mandates, so it’s more than obvious the masks, dirty vaccines and social distancing do not work.

This is why illegal immigrants can walk across the southern US border with no mask, no vaccine and no Covid testing, but American citizens who come back home from international travel are being hounded about vaccine passports and mandatory masks, just to perpetuate the police state we are living in that strips us of our constitutional freedoms and rights.

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