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After Trump’s Approval Hits 34+% with Blacks, CNN’s Anna Navarro-Cardenas Goes FULL RACIST Against Black Trump Supporters

After Trump’s Approval Hits 34+% with Blacks, CNN’s Anna Navarro-Cardenas Goes FULL RACIST Against Black Trump Supporters

Never go full racist Anna.

CNN’s token establishment “Republican” recently took a stab at Kanye West, Ben Carson, Sheriff David Clarke and the Trump-supporting duo of Diamond & Silk.

Diamond & Silk, representing a huge swath of conservative BLACK & WHITE voters, decided to fire back.

Here’s Gary from Next News Network with more:

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Democrats had better wake up because blacks are leaving the plantations AGAIN.

Here’s more from The Blaze:

Republican strategist and CNN contributor Ana Navarro-Cardenas — a frequent critic of President Donald Trump — said Monday she cannot believe new polls showing rising approval of the president’s job performance among African American voters, and reacted by hurling insults at black individuals who have been vocal in their support of the president.

What are the details?

After learning that African American approval of President Trump is at 34.5 percent according to Emerson polling, and 34 percent according to Rasmussen, Navarro-Cardenas responded on Twitter: “Zero chance this is accurate. Zero. The poll must have only been conducted in the homes of Ben Carson, Kanye, that sheriff guy with the hat and those two Cubic Zirconia & Polyester-Spandex ladies.”

Navarro-Cardenas was, of course, referring to Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, rapper Kanye West, former Sheriff David Clarke Jr., and Fox Nation hosts Diamond and Silk.

In reaction to being called “those two Cubic Zirconia & Polyester-Spandex ladies,” Diamond and Silk threw back their own shade without naming the pundit, tweeting, “Beware of Deep State Snakes like Porky The Pig masquerading around like a Republican but acting like a Democrat rat. Shame on her for insulting black people because they choose to think for themselves & make their own decision to ditch the Democrat Plantation. #StopbeingARacist”

Conservative activist and author Candace Owens — another prominent African American supporter of President Trump — was notably left out of Navarro-Cardenas’ tweet. Still, Owens took notice, telling her audience, “Didn’t even have to wait until Election Day for the liberal meltdown to ensue: 2020 liberal preview: impeach BLACK people!”

Read the rest at The Blaze…


Once again, blacks are in support of Trump at 34.0% and 34.5% in two ESTABLISHMENT media polls.

Imagine what the real numbers might be.

I wonder why blacks are leaving the Democrats?

Republicans aren’t encouraging blacks to kill their unborn children.

The decades-long scam the Democrats have been running is OVER and Yes, Anna Navarro-Cardenas, most people are smart enough to figure out that Trump is not a racist as the media has painted him.

I’m sure the same can be said for most/all minorities in this country.

They may not be fully on board yet, but we are in the middle of a great awakening and Democrats should be afraid.

Very afraid.

Dean Garrison is the Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry

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