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AIRBORNE THOUGHT POLICE: Delta kicks two women off flight for having private conservation about Trump

AIRBORNE THOUGHT POLICE: Delta kicks two women off flight for having private conservation about Trump

(Natural News) For the “crime” of speaking privately about their support for President Donald Trump while aboard a commercial aircraft, two women were kicked off a Delta Airlines flight, shocking new video footage shows.

The women were apparently having the conversation following the “insurrection” incident in Washington, D.C., when other passengers heard them speaking positively about the president in a way that was not condemning and hateful of him. Since this type of positive speech about our president is no longer allowed in the United States, thanks to the fascist left, something had to be done immediately to punish the women.

As seen in the footage, the pair was quickly escorted off the plane in a walk of shame as a masked liberal male is heard angrily repeating, “Get off the plane!” One of the women is then seen responding back, “I have the right by the Constitution” to freedom of speech under the First Amendment.

After the woman finishes explaining her constitutional rights, another masked liberal male joins the first liberal male in screaming at the woman, “Get off the plane,” to which other masked liberals on the plane are then heard clapping in support of the males bullying the two women because of their conservative viewpoints – watch below:

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A second video taken from back inside the terminal shows the two women crying immediately after the incident. The man filming their reaction, a former police officer, laments that this type of thing is now happening in these formerly free United States, and with the blessing of “law enforcement.”

“They kicked these people off the plane because they support President Trump,” the man is heard saying.

“And you’ve got all these f***tards standing around doing nothing, 30 cops over here, and the rest of them are going that way, all of these police everywhere because they were waiting for these people to get put off the plane because they support President Trump.”

In the background, another man is heard talking about the words that got the women in trouble, which were simply, “Trump 2020.” Bringing up the fraudulent election is “offensive” speech to the left, and it is apparently now a punishable offense that will get you kicked off an airplane – watch below:

Every conservative-owned business needs to stop serving LGBTQs

As has become the norm among the “loving” and “tolerant” leftists who live on Twitter, the response to these two videos was not one of compassion or taking a stand in defense of free speech rights. Instead, it was a lambasting of the two women, along with several “thank you” remarks to Delta along with “private businesses can do whatever they want” rhetoric.

Similar to how the left could not care less about the medical needs of people who cannot tolerate wearing a mask, there was nothing but hate and disdain all over Twitter towards these two women from leftists who see nothing wrong with blatant discrimination against their fellow Americans who hold different political beliefs.

Keep in mind that these same leftists will melt into a puddle if you call them by the “wrong pronoun” or refuse to bake a cake for some fake LGBTQ “wedding.” Discriminating against people who cannot medically tolerate wearing a mask or who support President Trump, however, is cheered and lauded as “progress.”

If it is suddenly the case that private businesses can freely discriminate against people, which leftists are now claiming, then conservative business owners are no longer obligated to serve LGBTQs or anyone else with whom they disagree. The fun has only just begun.

For more related news about the fraudulent 2020 election, be sure to check out Trump.news.

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