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Angry Swedish Citizens report Greta Thunberg’s parents to Child Services for child abuse

Angry Swedish Citizens report Greta Thunberg’s parents to Child Services for child abuse

(Natural News) While she appears to be missing in action as of late, angry climate child Greta Thunberg of United Nations ranting fame isn’t off the hook when it comes to her questionable climate shenanigans, and neither are her parents.

According to reports, Greta’s parents are the subject of a new inquiry into their fitness as parents, as it would seem that they’ve been abusing their daughter for political and financial gain.

A report was recently filed in the Kungsholmen district of Stockholm claiming that Greta’s parents are exploiting her in order to push the climate agenda, which is causing young Greta to suffer serious mental anguish and emotional distress.

In tandem with a public relations consultant, Greta’s mother specifically is said to have exploited her daughter to create mass hysteria and panic about the world ending in a few years due to climate change and global warming. And now Greta is spreading this same mental illness to other children via her mother’s damaging influence, which could mean that Greta’s mom is unfit to keep Greta in her custody.

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“When large parts of the adult world and established media participate in the mass psychosis around Greta Thunberg – who obviously doesn’t feel so good – it’s like having to pinch one’s arm,” stated Swedish Party Chairman for Social conservatives and lifestyle liberals about this bizarre situation.

“Is this true?” the same individual, who is also a lawyer, further asked in a tweet. “What are you doing? This is not healthy.”

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Greta’s sister is now being bullied because of Greta’s climate hysteria

It isn’t just Greta who’s suffering from the effects of this child abuse, either. Greta’s sister, new reports indicate, is now being bullied at school because of Greta’s outspoken hysteria over the climate.

Greta’s 13-year-old sister is reportedly being “constantly discouraged” by others because of her sister’s whacked out thinking, and is now suffering a barrage of other repercussions that are the result of Greta’s climate fear-mongering, which appears to be the result of her own parents indoctrinating her and taking advantage of her Asperger’s diagnosis.

Greta herself fully admits that she’s protected from the backlash of her own actions due to her constant “traveling,” which makes her “inaccessible” to scrutiny. Meanwhile, Greta’s sister is the one who’s having to bear the brunt of her sister’s actions.

“The difference between me and the people who are left at home is that I am always traveling, inaccessible,” Greta is quoted as saying.

The best thing to do when it comes to Greta’s climate proselytizing is to simply ignore it, which is what President Trump did upon arriving at the U.N. recently for his own appearance. This move by Trump clearly upset Greta, who unfortunately appears to actually believe the propaganda she’s been told to recite and spread at every opportunity.

“Ill start by saying I hope that little girl gets help,” wrote one commenter, expressing concern for Greta’s well-being. “She is being used to push a scam and as an advocate against the abuse of children want to see her get help,” this same commenter added.

Another wrote that Greta’s mother, Malena Ernman, is guilty of having stolen Greta’s childhood by indoctrinating her into the climate agenda.

“As a mother myself I would never allow my young daughter especially vulnerable young daughter to cross the ocean by herself and be placed in this truly unhealthy situation,” wrote yet another.

“Her parents and teachers who enabled and endorsed this without any concern for Greta’s well being is just horrible and for an autistic child this is mental and emotional abuse! All the adults involved should be ashamed of themselves!!”

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