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Are you suffering from GAIN OF FUNCTION SYNDROME from the Fauci death stabs?

Are you suffering from GAIN OF FUNCTION SYNDROME from the Fauci death stabs?

(Natural News) Are you or a loved one suffering from GFS, gain of function syndrome, caused by repeated Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations that compromise natural body immunity? Thanks to gain of function research, naturally occurring viruses now have artificial adaptation qualities that allow them to enter human cells through gene editing or super-speed “passaging.”

Highly dangerous pathogens have been equipped by Fauci-funded gain of function, including avian flu viruses, SARS coronaviruses, AIDS, MERS and Ebola. No laboratory in the world is safe enough to experiment like this, and now a few billion people are struck with GFS from the Fauci clot shots, now being labeled the “death stabs.”

Worldwide wave of blood disorders and death coming soon from the booster phase of coronavirus-GFS

Next come the boosters to exacerbate all the horrific effects of the first few stabs, as GFS kicks into full gear. Cancer, heart attacks, and strokes will increase exponentially, while Big Pharma and Fake News blame everyone and everything BUT the gene-mutating death stabs.

As the nano-spike-particles gather in the blood of the COVID-vaccinated victims and cause rubbery-clotting-blockages, the likes of which pathologists, coroners and medical examiners have never seen before, pre-existing “conditions” rear their ugly heads in the worst possible ways.

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Post-vaccination humans are experiencing long and stringy blood clots forming in rare places like the brain and lungs. If it’s not enough to kill you quickly, the booster shots will surely speed up the process. Got coronavirus-GFS? It comes from the vaccines, not the “novel” virus made in the Wuhan lab. Don’t be mistaken when a whole world full of semi-healthy people begin dropping dead like flies from blood clots found throughout the entire body.

Are you or a loved one suffering from GFS? It’s not a “novel virus,” but a planned vaccine-induced, slow-roasting genocide of several billion allopathic hypochondriacs who whole-heartedly believe the insidious Big Pharma complex is out to save them (rather than execute them, and blame anything else but the vaccines).

Fauci’s insanely dangerous gain of function virus research CONTINUES with Ebola and MERS

If you thought coronavirus infection was scary, wait until the next wave is released from the labs, pushing all the GFS victims to get BOOSTERS, so when they all start dying it can be blamed on the new “novel” infections. Are you afraid of catching Corona-Bola-22? Run out to the nearest clinic, school or clot shot truck in an empty parking lot and have billions more nano-spike-particles inserted into your blood stream.

Repeated injections of COVID-19 vaccines is likely to destroy the body’s natural ability to ward off infections, including viruses, cancer, MERS, SARS, and MRSA in hospitals. These superbugs will now have gain of function capability to isolate their attack on specific parts of the human body, like the heart, brain or lungs.

Mass vaccination is the new “pre-existing condition” that will compound all other pre-existing conditions, while creating horrific new ones like irregular heart beats and stringy blood clots throughout the entire vascular system. This is gain of function syndrome, a permanent compromise of the entire immune system. And for the pro-vaccination fanatics around the globe, get ready for the final nails to be “put in your coffin.”

Fauci must be stopped (he’s the Hitler of the New World “Pharma” Order). Be sure to bookmark Vaccines.news to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental scamdemic COVID “boosters” that cause blood clots and other horrific side effects.

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