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Biden’s covid jab mandate forces New York City firefighters off the job, leaving city helpless against blazing infernos

Biden’s covid jab mandate forces New York City firefighters off the job, leaving city helpless against blazing infernos

(Natural News) The deadline for firefighters and other public sector workers in New York City to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is rapidly approaching. And a large segment of the city’s firefighters is slated to quit in protest.

Immediately after Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump first started rolling out the jabs in late 2020, most of NYC’s firefighters came forward to announce that they would not be rolling up their sleeves in compliance. They are now keeping true to that promise.

As much as 20 percent of the Big Apple’s fire companies and ambulances are expected to go belly-up once Mayor Bill de Blasio’s local mandate comes into full effect. This will leave large swaths of the city without the emergency services they are used to.

All unvaccinated workers who remain that way past the deadline will be suspended without pay, reports indicate. The first deadline arrives on Monday, Nov. 1.

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At least 12,000 municipal workers, including employees of the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), the New York Police Department (NYPD), and EMS, showed up to march across the Brooklyn Bridge in protest of the mandates – watch below:

Nearly half of NYC’s firefighters, EMS responders remain unvaccinated

According to the latest released figures, only about 65 percent of NYC’s firefighters, fire officers and EMS workers have received any of the available Chinese Virus injections – and this is just an estimate.

Since estimates tend to be higher than reality when it comes to these shots, a more likely estimate is about half. This means that the other half could be walking off the job – or be told they have to walk off the job – as soon as next week.

What will become of NYC as a result? Well, one thing is for sure: There will be a lot more emergencies that nobody responds to, thanks to de Blasio, Joe Biden and the other Branch Covidians that are inflicting this societal terrorism with their jab mandates.

“The Department must manage the unfortunate fact that a portion of our workforce has refused to comply with a vaccine mandate for all city employees,” announced Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro in a statement.

“We will use all means at our disposal, including mandatory overtime, mutual aid from other EMS providers and significant changes to the schedules of our members,” he added. “We will ensure the continuity of operations and safety of all those we have sworn oaths to serve.”

An unnamed firefighter further told the media that “people will die in this city” as a result of the mandates. Many lives will be lost in order to “save lives” through mRNA injections, in other words.

Many of the firefighters who remain on the job because they complied with the mandates will be expected to work overtime, which will compound the issue by driving a good number of them to exhaustion rather quickly.

“That means we’ll lose another 10 percent who get injured or sick from 80-hour workweeks,” the same unnamed firefighter told reporters in a statement of warning about the catastrophic impact these mandates are going to have on the local community.

As for the EMS side of things, a shortage of workers there will leave many to die who need rapid care or a trip to the hospital.

“With a heart attack, seven or eight minutes makes a big difference,” the same source added. “And fires, an eight-minute difference is one bedroom or the whole house. Or in row houses, an eight-minute difference is one house or the whole block! This is no joke.”

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