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Biodiversity charity director celebrates human population decline, says reduction of living humans will help governments meet climate change targets

Biodiversity charity director celebrates human population decline, says reduction of living humans will help governments meet climate change targets

(Natural News) In order to stop the weather from getting warm, Stephanie Feldstein, who wrote an op-ed recently for Scientific American, believes that depopulation, meaning a world with far fewer people, is the solution.

In the piece, Feldstein openly celebrates the depopulation that has already been ramping up in recent years, which we know is due to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic” and the “vaccines” that were released under Operation Warp Speed.

Birth rates are down massively; tens of millions of people are needlessly dead; and now the United Nations is predicting much larger population reductions by the year 2050, which Feldstein says is “good news” on the global warming front.

“Considering no other large animal’s population has grown as much, as quickly or as devastatingly for other species as ours, we should all be celebrating population decline,” Feldstein writes, likening human beings to animals.

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(Related: Last fall, Reuters flat-out called for mass genocide as the final solution to global warming.)

Fighting “climate change” is code for mass genocide of the non-“elite”

In Feldstein’s mind, fewer people on the planet means fewer mouths to feed, which also means a whole lot more resources for the globalist “elite” to exploit for themselves instead of having to share it with what she perceives as worthless human cattle.

Feldstein, by the way, is the “population and sustainability director” at the Centre for Biological Diversity, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is committed to “secur[ing] our planet’s future,” according to its website.

The only thing about population decline that is bad, in Feldstein’s view, is the fact that it threatens the current economic order, which is based on growth.

“Shifting to a model based on degrowth and equity alongside lower fertility rates will help fight climate change and increase wealth and well-being,” she contends.

There are only two options, in other words: stop reproducing and perhaps kill yourself, or kill the planet. This is the primary doctrine of the Green Cult, of which Feldstein is clearly a member.

Feldstein basically lays it all out with no beating around the bush. In order for governments to meet their climate goals, they need to see more “declining populations and ageing demographics.” Both of these things, she says “helps to reduce carbon emissions.”

One of the books Feldstein promotes in her op-ed is a work called “The Jane Effect,” written by Jane Goodall, that likewise calls for a massive reduction in the world’s population in order to fight “climate change.” In 2020 at the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Goodall called for the global population to be reduced to just 450 million people.

This is 50 million people less than what was written on the now-demolished Georgia Guidestones, which stated in stone that an ideal world population for the globalist overlords to most easily exploit is 500 million.

Feldstein is an acolyte of Goodall who feels similarly that the world right now is seeing “runaway human population growth and overconsumption,” which must be reversed in order for her envisioned “green” new world to manifest.

“Contrary to the hysteria being pushed by governments and the bought and paid for mainstream media, the statistics show that severe weather events are actually decreasing,” one commenter wrote about how the very premise behind global warming, which is just a cover story excuse for promoting mass genocide, is inherently flawed. “Wild fires are as well.”

“Carbon dioxide is not driving any change of the climate it rises or falls in reaction to the climate. The main driver of the climate is the sun and our distance from it as we orbit it.”

The latest climate-related news can be found at Climate.news.

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