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House Democrat spills the beans, says “gun confiscation” is the ultimate goal

House Democrat spills the beans, says “gun confiscation” is the ultimate goal

(Natural News) Shall not infringe. Shall not infringe. Shall not infringe. How many times do the gun-grabbing Democrats in Congress need to hear these three simple words before they get it through their thick skulls that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, which protects and guarantees Americans’ God-given right to bear arms, is non-negotiable?

Apparently a few more times, as House Democrats are busy scheming up legislation that would make it much more difficult for the people of this country to rightfully buy, sell, and possess firearms. And their ultimate end game, as openly admitted by California Democrat Mike Thompson during a recent press conference, is to eventually confiscate everybody’s guns.

Responding to critics who say that the two Democratic House bills currently being proposed to curtail Americans’ Second Amendment rights would have done nothing to prevent past gun violence tragedies, Rep. Thompson agreed, stating further that the only way to end gun violence is to scrap the Second Amendment entirely.

“As far as anybody who says, ‘Well, this bill wouldn’t have solved this incident,’ the only thing that will solve every one is to do away with guns,” Rep. Thompson is quoted as saying. “So are you telling me that the critics of my bill want to do away with all guns?” he then asked, rhetorically.

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It couldn’t be clearer: Leftists are planning to eventually take everybody’s guns by first starting with “reasonable gun control”

It’s actually a good thing that Rep. Thompson let the cat out of the bag concerning what his political party is planning for the future of America. Their first step is to introduce what they love to call “reasonable gun control” measures – which aren’t in any way reasonable, by the way – as a soft-sell into total gun confiscation later on down the road.

You can think of it much like the frog in the water pot scenario. If a frog were to be thrown into the pot when the water is already boiling, he’d instantly jump out because it scalded him. But if he were to be put into the pot when the water is still cold, and the temperature slowly turned up, he’d be unaware of what’s going on until it’s too late.

That’s where we are in America today, as hordes of mindless Leftists go along with the Democrat narrative that guns are evil, and need to be removed from society for the protection of our children. But little do these ignoramuses know that, were guns to ever be taken away from law-abiding citizens, the only people left with guns – the government – would instantly have absolute power and control over everyone.

“It’s hard to discuss this with people whose sole goal concerning gun control is expanding government power,” writes Matt Vespa for Town Hall, addressing many of the details surrounding gun control that Leftists seem to avoid ever thinking or talking about critically. “Then again, what else is new when dealing with Democrats.”

Keep in mind that much of the data presented by Democrats as “evidence” that gun violence is out of control in America is completely fake to begin with. So not only is their narrative false, but so are their “solutions,” which are really just incremental steps towards implementing an absolute totalitarian state in the United States.

“This is a repeat of Nazi Germany, which disarmed the Jews before mass murdering six million of them,” wrote Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, in response to news late last year about door-to-door gun confiscations in New Jersey.

“It’s so much easier to murder people, after all, when the government disarms them first. And anyone going along with the disarmament is signing their own death warrant.”

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