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California: Man Finds THOUSANDS Of Unopened Ballots In Garbage Dumpster – Workers Quickly Try To Cover Them Up

California: Man Finds THOUSANDS Of Unopened Ballots In Garbage Dumpster – Workers Quickly Try To Cover Them Up

Editor note: While I agree with Geller that this is most definitely a Democrat strategy, the problem is the “good guys,” or Republicans, don’t bring justice in the matter. They just point at it as to say, “See? These are the bad guys vote for us!” and never bring any justice. In other words, by their inactions, they are accomplices. So, both parties work together in a WWE match to deceive the people while they advance an agenda.

Voter suppression – it defines the Democrat’s election strategy.

EXCLUSIVE: California Man Finds THOUSANDS of What Appear to be Unopened Ballots in Garbage Dumpster — Workers Quickly Try to Cover Them Up — We are Working to Verify

By Jim Hoft, September 25, 2020:

Last night we received these photos from a reader in California. They appear to show hundreds of alleged unopened ballots in a garbage dumpster in California. We are working to verify. Big if true.

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This is an exclusive from a Gateway Pundit reader in California.

Hey Gateway Pundit,
I thought you might find this interesting. My dad found THOUSANDS of unopened ballots at the garbage dump in Petaluma, California, north of San Francisco.

Image 1:

Image 2:

From our reader:

My dad was throwing away some trash and saw them so he took some pictures. He told a lady who worked at the dump about it and she claimed that the county dumped them there. After my dad drove back around and saw the workers in the bin covering the ballots up with cardboard.

Image 3:

The guy crawling out of the dumpster in the green shirt worked there. He was covering up the ballots.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

h/t TWS


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