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CCP forcing Chinese people to kneel in submission while scanning covid passports

CCP forcing Chinese people to kneel in submission while scanning covid passports

(Natural News) Video footage is circulating to show that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is taking Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine passport” enforcement tyranny to a whole new level.

In the clip – watch below – Chinese people are seen kneeling before their overlords as passports are scanned. The recording was apparently captured in Jinan City, located in Shandong Province, on April Fool’s Day.

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It could be that this was just another staged “shock and awe” incident to normalize the idea of permanent indentured servitude to the plandemic. Or perhaps it really is how the CCP is treating Chinese people during this latest “wave” of the Wuhan Flu.

Over in Shanghai, the city’s latest round of lockdowns has now been extended indefinitely, so it is not out of the question that the regime is escalating the situation by also requiring its subjects to kneel in submission before being scanned for passage through a public right-of-way.

How does tyrannizing people keep them “safe” against a phantom virus?

Another Twitter account posted a similarly disturbing video clip back around Christmastime that showed communist Chinese authorities carrying guns at covid jab passport checkpoints.

The covid guards were reportedly checking people’s QR codes and “green passes” to ensure that all citizens in the area were in compliance with the jab passport requirements.

“My worst nightmare comes true again: Chinese covid guards are carrying guns at every checkpoint to check people’s qr code green passes again,” that account tweeted, along with the following video.

“If you don’t comply, they can shoot you immediately!”

This is what you call theater of war, and it is being waged against the Chinese people – and really all people who live in countries or areas where unhinged governments are essentially committing mass genocide, supposedly to ward of a virus that is similar to a cold or flu.

In order to keep the Chinese people “safe” against covid, armed guards are keeping everyone locked inside their homes without food, arresting violators on the street, and potentially even killing resisters for defying government orders.

“This is the world of the New World Order where freedom is something that is simply not permitted,” suggested Joe Hoft from The Gateway Pundit (TGP).

In the comment section at TGP, many sounded off about how it makes no sense to claim that any of this tyranny is “saving lives,” especially since many lives are ending because they can no longer access food.

“This is Dementia Joe’s plan for Americans as well: KNEEL and show your papers,” one of them wrote about what could come to the United States if Americans fail to stand up and resist.

“That’s right, because it isn’t China’s plan and it isn’t the puppet’s plan, either,” responded another. “It is a globalist kabbalist plan that was implemented in China first because they are a nation of conformist drones. Easier to start there first.”

“Any time they have an uprising coming (which their AI can detect through social media) as in the planned protests in Wuhan in late 2019 against air pollution and more incinerators being built, they can just spray some flu and use that as the excuse to lock down. This is ALL about control and always has been.”

The same commenter added that this should serve as a warning to Americans to get up off their butts and do something before it is too late.

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