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Clothesline Classics: 2 of the Most Popular Posts That Sent Us to FB Jail

Clothesline Classics: 2 of the Most Popular Posts That Sent Us to FB Jail

Facebook has a unique way of stomping out the truth. You can post controversial material and, so long as it falls flat, you will probably not face any repercussions. But if you post something that is controversial, against the mainstream narrative, and threatening to go viral, it is a pretty good bet that your post AND YOUR ACCOUNT will be shut down. And I have learned from experience that Facebook doesn’t even bother responding to appeals.

Below are 2 of the most viral posts that got us suspended from Facebook.

The first selection is from 2016 and received 14,000+ shares before Facebook shut the post and our account down.

No joke: Muslim men really do rape goats

We joke about Muslim men having sex with goats.

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It turns out it’s not a joke.

The video below was uploaded to Daily Motion on Nov. 28, 2013, with a description in French — that a U.S. military surveillance helicopter surveying a village in Afghanistancaptured infrared camera footage of Afghan men sodomizing a poor goat.

WARNING: Graphic!

Here’s a screenshot at the 2:41 mark in the video, of a man sodomizing a goat while two other men stand nearby:

Afghan men sodomize goat

See also:


###End of Goat Lover’s article###

The second violation is from March of 2018. It received 23,000 shares in less than 24 hours before Facebook administered our most recent suspension. 23,000 shares in 2018 is a huge deal. A few years ago this post would have received 5 times that many in the same amount of time. Read this carefully because Parkland activist Emma Gonzalez is, in FACT, a professional actress.

Emma Gonzalez, Parkland school student, is a professional actress

This post originally appeared at Fellowship of the Minds

Now Casting is an actor services company at 2210 W. Olive Avenue in Burbank, California, which began in 1997 as LA Actors Online, founded by an actor/writer/director named Bob Stewart (stage name: Peter Elliott).

On its website, Now Casting Inc. describes itself as “a premier online casting database used by industry professionals all over the globe,” which provides “services for the entire entertainment industry” and has “sent hundreds of thousands of auditions to casting directors, network executives, studio executives, producers”.

The website’s services include:

  • Online auditions.
  • Posting a casting notice.
  • Free registration for actors to post their profiles.
  • Resources for actors, incl. a photographers gallery, classes, training and more.
  • A “Search” page to find actors, agencies, casting directors, management companies, photographers, actor resources, and monologues (by actors).

If you click “actors,” you’ll be taken to an “Actor Search” page, which says:

There are 361006 actors currently in our Now Casting database. All of them can be found with a name search. Please note they are still filling in their resume and other information. As that is completed, the more detailed searches will return a better result.

To find an actor, just type in his or her name in the box.

A reader of FOTM, Brian H., did just that, and found an actor named Emma Jane Gonzalez. I replicated what Brian did by typing “Emma” (first name) and “Gonzalez” (last name), which brought me to this page.

Below is a screenshot I took of the page, in case the website takes down Gonzalez’s entry. I painted the red arrow pointing to the date (3/22/2018) and time (7:22 AM) when I took the screenshot.

↓Click image to enlarge↓

I had written about actress Emma Jane Gonzalez before in “The curious case of Parkland school shooting student survivor Emma Gonzalez“, that:

For comparison, I then posted these side-by-side pics of Parkland student Emma Gonzalez and actress Emma Jane Gonzalez.

From the above side-by-side pics, my conclusion then was that the two women are not the same person, mainly because Emma Jane Gonzalez appears to have longer ear lobes, and a weak chin.

The pic of Emma Jane Gonzalez on Now Casting, however, casts doubt on my previous conclusion.

Let’s compare Emma Jane Gonzalez on Now Casting with Emma Gonzalez of Parkland, FL:

They appear to be same person: same eyebrows, same nose, same fleshy lower lip, same pointy chin.

The previous pics of Gonzalez from the “Eat Our Feelings” video were in 2014, some four years ago. The Emma Jane Gonzalez of 2014 had a weak chin (aka “chinless wonder”), whereas the Emma Jane Gonzalez on Now Casting has a pointy chin like Parkland Emma Gonzalez. My guess is that sometime in the past 4 years, Emma Jane Gonzalez had a cosmetic surgery on her chin — a chin implant — just like Chelsea Clinton.

What do you think?


End of Gonzalez article###

The Ministry of Truth has spoken. This is, of course, for educational purposes only. I seek to teach you what NOT to do. Please do not share these articles on Facebook or anywhere else, because no one likes those who violate community standards.

Dean Garrison is the Publisher at DC Clothesline. and DC Dirty Laundry. Permission is granted to reprint this article in full, leaving all links in tact. It is NOT recommended that you share this article to social media. You do so at your own risk. 🙂

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