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CNN Employee Fired Hours After Exposing President Jeff Zucker in Project Veritas Video — Donate to a Real Patriot HERE

CNN Employee Fired Hours After Exposing President Jeff Zucker in Project Veritas Video — Donate to a Real Patriot HERE

For those of you that missed Monday’s fireworks, Project Veritas actually got CNN President Jeff Zucker on audio.

Here is a rundown from our friends at Right Wing Tribune:

Newly leaked video from inside CNN shows that the network’s top leadership is telling staff to push President Trump’s impeachment.

“BREAKING: New leaked video from inside CNN: President Jeff Zucker tells employees to push “impeachment” and that all of CNN’s stories should be about “moves towards impeachment” One of CNN’s employees says Zucker has a “personal vendetta against Trump”

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Watch the entire thing:

Reaction has been swift:

“Obama’s CNN is being unmasked. Everything has to be revealed. CNN is corrupt.#WhistleblowerCNN #ExposeCNN”


“As he said, some media lean left some lean right. What is egregious is pushing impeachment to obtain power for donors. You can take that conversation and replace impeachment with “push Stormy, Russia, or Kavanaugh allegations”. The public sees it, Zucker just confirms it.”

“Remember at the first long Press Conference as President, he asked, “How did Jeff Zucker get his job?” Time for an answer!”

Yes indeed, time for an answer!

CNN, the least trusted name in news today! Sad, but true…


Cary Poarch went against one of the most powerful men in America and got him on tape admitting CNN’s bias.

Of course he was going to lose his job.

It’s time for America to step up.

Project Veritas has put out this update about Cary’s fate and has linked to a Go Fund Me account to help him as he recovers financially from challenging Zucker.

Please help Poarch out.

This man needs to be rewarded for sticking his neck out for America.


Here is the link to the GoFundMe fundraiser.

As I write this, it is just 3 hours after his termination announcement and the campaign has already raised over $40,000.

Let’s all jump in and help fellow patriot Cary Poarch.

Donate here.

More CNN and Project Veritas…

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