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COVID-19 vaccine spike proteins are SHEDDING, giving people heart attacks, strokes and more

COVID-19 vaccine spike proteins are SHEDDING, giving people heart attacks, strokes and more

(Natural News) The spike proteins injected into people with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine can be shed. The shedding can severely affect the people around the vaccinated person and cause severe health complications such as heart attack.

When people take the mRNA vaccines, the mRNA enters the body and tells it to create what is called the spike protein. This supposedly helps the body’s immune system to detect the COVID-19 virus and get rid of it as soon as it enters the body.

In reality, the spike proteins being injected into people are at least partially responsible for many of the adverse effects vaccinated people experience. (Related: More young athletes being injured or KILLED by the covid vaccine… disturbing trend accelerates as spike proteins devastate heart cells.)

To make matters worse, the unvaccinated are not safe just because they don’t let the dangerous mRNA spike proteins enter their systems.

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For the vaccinated, contact with the spike protein forces the body to make more of it forever. This is what causes many of the health complications associated with it. But when the body makes too much, it can even shed spike proteins.

This means otherwise healthy unvaccinated people around vaccinated individuals can get the spike proteins in their system.

“Essentially, all of these vaccinated people are like a bioweapon,” commented the host of Stranger Than Fiction News. “If this spike protein is like airborne … that has an impact on everyone.”

Research supports conclusion on spike protein shedding

People in the medical community have known about the ability of spike proteins to shed from the bodies of the vaccinated for some time now. One report from America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) dating back to early 2021 learned about the shedding.

According to this report, titled “Identifying Post-Vaccination Complications & Their Causes: An Analysis of COVID-19 Patient Data,” spike protein particles can spread to close contacts of the vaccinated. An unvaccinated individual can be exposed to the spike proteins through inhalation or skin contact.

People exposed to the spike proteins have a significantly heightened risk of getting “pericarditis, shingles, pneumonia, blood clots in the extremities and brain, Bell’s palsy, vaginal bleeding and miscarriages have been reported in persons who are near persons who have been vaccinated,” read the AFLDS report. The organization added that the spike proteins also cause a wide variety of autoimmune diseases, cross the blood-brain barrier and cause a variety of neurological complications.

Furthermore, the shedding can affect unvaccinated children, especially if they spend a lot of time in the proximity of their fully vaccinated parents and teachers.

Children are almost certainly safe from COVID-19. But their proximity to the spike proteins shed by their fully vaccinated parents and teachers puts them at greater risk of experiencing some of the health complications listed above.

“Our other concern is that children could develop long-term chronic autoimmune disease including neurological problems due to the fact that children have decades ahead of them and trillions of the spike proteins,” read the report.

The AFLDS report pointed out that vaccinated people could make potentially trillions of spike proteins, and due to shedding they will likely spread a lot of these to unvaccinated individuals who do not have them in their systems. This has the potential of infecting much of the world with deadly spike proteins.

Watch this video from Stranger Than Fiction News talking about how the COVID-19 vaccines affect the unvaccinated.

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