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Covid “positive” citizens in Hong Kong forced to wear ankle bracelet trackers like criminals

Covid “positive” citizens in Hong Kong forced to wear ankle bracelet trackers like criminals

(Natural News) The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) apparently still exists in Hong Kong, where residents who are deemed to be “infected” are now being forced to wear an electronic ankle bracelet and “quarantine” at home like a criminal.

Health authorities announced that the measures, scheduled to commence on July 15, are absolutely necessary to stop the spread, flatten the curve, and achieve a “zero COVID” policy of no more “cases” of the disease.

Communist China has a “zero COVID” policy as well, which is why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) imposed an indefinite lockdown in Shanghai after a few people tested “positive” using the fraudulent PCR test.

“Zero-COVID’s premise is to track down every single infection and thus achieve control and maximum suppression,” reports Reclaim the Net. “In doing so, the authorities deploy a variety of tracing and tracking technology, border closures, and quarantine, as well as strict lockdowns.”

Living with the virus works much better than trying to achieve the impossibility of covid zero

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For more than two years now, China and Hong Kong have had a covid zero policy in place, but the measures have done nothing to stop people from testing positive.

A recent “spike” of the disease in Hong Kong, where new cases reached 2,000 per day, prompted the added measure of ankle bracelets, which we are told will stop the virus in its tracks.

“The policy – the opposite of which is ‘living with the virus’ has come under criticism as ultimately failing to deliver on its goal, and being harmful to the economy and people’s health outside of coronavirus concerns,” Reclaim the Net adds.

Unfortunately for Hong Kong, Lo Chung-mau, the country’s health secretary, is a full-fledged covid zero cultist who claimed in the past that “living with the virus will get us all killed.”

How the new bracelets will function and how long people will have to wear them remains unknown. Those details are sure to come once Lo and his fellow covid believers come up with a strategy.

Back in 2020, Hong Kong forced people to wear tracking wristbands as well as quarantine for two weeks. Since that imposition clearly failed, now they are trying ankle bracelets instead, and probably many more weeks of quarantine than just two.

“The wristbands contained a QR code and were paired with a phone app, and were designed to track people’s movements,” reports explain. “Some Hong Kong residents who test positive are directed to quarantine in special facilities, while others are allowed to do this at home.”

Fortunately for the West, there are no such measures being imposed, especially this late in the game when covid is clearly over and done. Perhaps China and Hong Kong will eventually come to the realization that trying to eliminate covid entirely is a fool’s game and stop tyrannizing their people?

“An indefinite lockdown when a nebulizer with 4 percent hydrogen peroxide given to every household would clear ALL variants in a matter of hours,” wrote a commenter at Natural News about how easy it is to stay healthy and covid-free without government tyranny.

“They’re doing exactly what I said would eventually happen and I’m not even a bit surprised by this,” wrote another about how China has no intentions of ever returning back to “normal” – whatever normal actually is for China, anyway.

“We must vow to never again allow that to happen in the U.S.,” wrote another about government-mandated lockdowns and anything else such as ankle bracelets that might come along with it.

“Voluntary lockdowns are acceptable, but mandatory lockdowns are criminal!”

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