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D.C. mayor Bowser demands BLACK CHILDREN be vaccinated or denied an education (Like the slave days? No readin’ and writin’ for blacks?)

D.C. mayor Bowser demands BLACK CHILDREN be vaccinated or denied an education (Like the slave days? No readin’ and writin’ for blacks?)

(Natural News) Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are still being forced on children in the nation’s capital, who will not be allowed to attend public school this fall unless they get their Fauci Ouchie.

Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C., which is comprised of mostly black children within its school system, announced that unvaccinated students will be banned from both the classroom and from remote learning by Jan. 3, 2023.

Unless a child shows proof of injection within that timeframe, he or she will be forced to the back of the education bus. (Related: Earlier this year, Bowser asked D.C. residents to voluntarily ration their food purchases to help the supply chain.)

According to official city data, nearly half of all black children aged 12-17 are unvaccinated, which means there are going to be a lot of black children in D.C. who will be kicked out of the classroom and forced onto the streets.

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“They can go to school on Monday,” Bowser said. “But they need to get their vaccinations … and their families will be alerted as to the dates.”

What will D.C.’s thousands of unvaccinated black students do after they’re kicked out of school?

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education for D.C. announced that all students will need to show their jab certificate by January 3 of the new year “or they will not be allowed to attend school or school activities until the immunization certification is secured by the school.”

“If the student does not come into compliance within a 20-school day period, the school must remove the student from school until the immunization certification is secured by the school,” the office said, citing the original 20-day plan that has now been postponed to early next year.

When asked specifically about remote learning for unvaccinated children, Bowser struck down the notion by declaring that “we’re not offering remote learning for children, and families will need to comply with what is necessary to come to school.”

As of this writing, 47 percent of black children aged 12-15 within the district have not received any Fauci Flu shots. In the 16-17 age demographic, about 42 percent are unvaccinated.

In an August 25 press release, D.C. Public Schools explained that the Coronavirus Immunization of School Students and Early Childhood Workers Amendment Act of 2021, which the Council passed that same year, requires all children to roll up their sleeves in order to get an education – including those who attend private school.

Not only do students have to be jabbed in order to learn, but they will also need to provide “proof of a negative COVID-19 test result before the start of the 2022-2023 school year,” the school district added.

“It will give students an excuse not to attend school with the January enforcement of the vaccine,” wrote a commenter. “This will not help the already low attendance and graduation rates in the D.C. area.”

“Well, D.C. schools are SO bad that maybe staying at home is a better option,” responded another, presenting a silver lining to this dire situation. “I mean, the schools are THAT bad.”

Someone else said that if he lived in D.C., he would be filing a lawsuit against the district for a property tax exemption on the portion that covers public school funding.

“Since the CDC has determined that there is no difference between jabbed and unjabbed people, why, oh why, would anyone continue sticking themselves?” added another to the conversation. “Let alone their children that have no real effects from kUnGflU!”

The latest news about the unequal treatment and abuse of the unvaccinated by the state can be found at

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