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DIGITAL PRISON: ALDI grocery stores in London now requiring digital, cashless purchases

DIGITAL PRISON: ALDI grocery stores in London now requiring digital, cashless purchases

(Natural News) The coming cashless society is making headway in Greenwich, London, where an ALDI grocery store is no longer accepting cash: Customers must pay for everything digitally using a smartphone.

A man who was visiting London for the night uploaded video footage of the location that quickly went viral. He says he tried to purchase food at the ALDI only to learn that in order to even just enter the store he had to download the company’s app on his phone.

“I drop into the local Aldi’s, only to be told that in order to enter the store I have to download an app and scan a QR code,” the man tweeted. “Resist this BS. Resist digital ID. Resist app-based everything. Be pro-human!”

(Related: Last year, dozens of Whole Foods Market stores in California launched a cashless payment system allowing customers to make purchases with just the palm of the hand.)

Going cashless is the next step towards the Mark of the Beast

In the above video, you can see that the ALDI location in question set up large plastic barriers preventing people from entering the store without first scanning an app on their smartphones – Amazon Fresh markets in the United States, by the way, have a similar setup at their store entries.

“Now, this looks to me like the beginning stages of the digital prison that we keep talking about,” the man in the video states after scanning the app in order to enter the ALDI store.

Just like at Amazon Fresh, the ALDI location the man visited does not require customers to go through a checkout line at the end. Since there are cameras all over the store watching people’s every move, customers are able to just walk out of the store and get charged automatically for whatever they put in their cart.

For alcohol purchases, ALDI customers are able to use facial recognition technology that estimates one’s age based on appearance. If the person meets the minimum threshold, he or she can walk out with a bottle of Jack Daniels without ever having to be verified by an actual human being.

It appears as though not all ALDI stores across the United Kingdom are set up this way, and perhaps the Greenwich location depicted in the above video is just a pilot store for this kind of technology. Brits now have the choice to vote with their wallets – or in this case, their smartphones – by choosing not to support a cashless paradigm.

“Well, it’s just time for the British public to give Aldi the ol’ Target treatment,” one commenter wrote about how customers can choose to boycott the ALDI location in question. “Put ’em out of business.”

Another wrote that the goal of Big Brother is “to chip your hands” – smartphones are just the next stepping stone towards putting a digital implant in every person’s body, allowing them to buy and sell without cash.

“They will offer $100 in food stamps for people to receive it, like the pizza coupons for getting the covid vaccine,” this person added, referencing Revelation 13 which talks all about the Mark of the Beast.

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